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  1. my laptop for some reason wont play dvd's ne more? usually it will open um, windows media player but just recently nothing at all happens..doesnt even register on my screen that i have a dvd sounds like it tries to spin and shit,the little green light comes on,so does the blue one saying i have a cd in there..and windows media player plays other movies just fine..if ya know what i mean:rolleyes::p

    but the last time i played a dvd,it took like 15 minutes b4 it actually popped up on my screen,now it just WONT do anything and i just bought 4 new god damn movies!:mad:

    its a hp dv....special edition..hopefully someone knows the answer or had this happen?..

    just bought a 1/8 of green crack and do not want it to go to waste:eek:
  2. Get a new DVD drive
  3. Have you made any changes to the system recently?
  4. no changes..
  5. That sounds like hardware to me not software. Since it was a gradual decline I would get a lens cleaning kit from your local electronics store and make sure that's not the problem. Then I would try a USB stick with some form of easy to use Linux on it (Ubuntu probably) just to make sure it's not your OS (cheaper then hardware). Also check if your BIOS is picking up your drive. If all of that fails then it's probably your disc drive. You can replace it or get a external disc drive which might be cheaper.

    TL;DR Clean lens, check BIOS, run different OS, replace drive
  6. if its not a hardware problem see if the DVD shows up in computer(my computer) where it shows your drives. if it does show up get VLC media player . it plays anything
  7. Exactly.

    At this point all that you have described is that AutoPlay is not working properly. AutoPlay is mostly worthless, it just saves you a few clicks by automatically doing what you want with the DVD. Easy fix if that's the only problem.

    Open "My Computer" and see if it recognizes the empty drive in there. Then put in the DVD, and see if the drive label changes.

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