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  1. Hey fellow growers I’m using a 2x2x4 Mylar tent with a 600w bloomspect LED & also I’m using a 4” clip on fan & a 20” floor fan just added today as of July 16th, using miracle gro indoor soil with mix of 28•13•19 with a good balance ph water I’m using core & Dasani ( just picked up for some extra water ) but ph is 7 for the core & 5.6 for Dasani, no nutes yet or Fertlizer & I planted northern lights which is going great so far only on day 8 & seeing lots of progress but this is a bagseed from some good sticky green I had think it was Skunk but this is day 4-5 I planted on the 12th the leaves keep closing up & also I see a little dark spot & a little yellowing at the back of one of the leaves can anyone help me out or tell me what to do here ? I did kind of plant the bagseed into a small plastic think maybe 4” or 6” pot without holes at the bottom & I did see one small little black bug on the soil but seen no more since

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  2. They look ok you are looking too hard for a problem give them a chance to grow.
    I don't grow in soil but I know 5.6 is to low for ph. Also I've heard many people say MG soil is no good for growing weed.
    Judging by the npk numbers you posted above I would say it's a poor fit for sure.
    You may want to consider a transplant into something more cannabis friendly.
  3. She's praying to the light. She's fine. But yea miracle grow soil isn't what u wanna be growing good bud in. Transplant into happy frog. She will be fine .

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  4. If you view my other thread my miracle gro is doing just fine thanks. & also i was only using it for this grow & was planning to transplant after about 5 weeks into fox farms ocean soil Like right before flowering. Plus I’m not using the Dasani water by itself of course I know it’s too low I’m not that much of a noob I’ve read a lot about it. I try balancing my water in to the 6s every time I fill my spray bottle, was gonna get some good nutrients too maybe from fox farms also.
  5. I’m doing fine with this soil for now, I know it isn’t good soil only thing I could get every organic thing was bought.. Its gonna be good for veg but I’m already planning to transplant right before flower or a week before flower into fox farms or happy frog something good & I was gonna buy Batguano for some fertilizer I heard from a good friend it’s a good fert
  6. If you check below here’s how my northern lights is going. Will update details & pics everyday
  7. Sorry about that my internet was glitchy but there’s a link to my northern light grow in this thread
  8. Hydro grower here on my very first grow (so I have limited experience). My thoughts:

    —Your plant looks very healthy for its age, IMO. It’s just a little sprout but it looks uniform and strong.
    —How far above your plant do you have your light positioned? My suggestion is to bring it down much closer than you have it now. If you have a LED light then try 18” above the plant. Put your hand on top of the plant and keep it there for a minute. If your hand isn’t hot then I believe your plant will be ok. If your light is already at 18”, lower it to 16” or even 14”.
    —Is your tent cool or hot? Try to aim for a temperature of 72-74F. Because it’s a seedling, you may even go a little on the hotter side of the spectrum even (say up to 80F). If I were to guess, my bet is that your temps may be on the the cool side. During lights out make sure you have a way to heat the tent (if the light is providing the heat). I suggest an oil filled portable heater/radiator.

    Good luck!!!
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  9. Disani and some other bottled water have flavor enhancers just so you know and it doesn't say what they are on the bottle either
  10. Yeah I know, I’m using essentia & core letting it sit for a bit gonna order ph meter this weekend & a bunch of other stuff I’m gonna upload a pic of everything

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