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Need help asap - need to make a decision in 3 hours

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joshclem, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hi dudes.

    I am a long term spliff smoker (3 years i have been having 2 a night before bed ) including tobbacco.

    I have tried to use an IOLITE before and did not seem to get it working properly / didnt get high.

    I am staying at somebody else's house and i need to smoke.

    I didnt think the IOLITE got my high at all but I have been offered a vapor vp 500

    Top-Vapor VP500 : Shiva Head Shop

    I need to go and buy this tonight if i want it but i am concerned that because I have been smoking spliffs with tobbacco in for so long that the vaporizer will not work for me / get me high as I am too addicted to the other chemicals in a spliff.

    I do not really have any options but smoking a vape or smoking a spliff in a shady hidden place on the street and I would not like to do that

    Whats your opinion?

    if you do think i should get the vape - any tips?

  2. if you want to buy a vape, make sure to go quality and research your specific unit so you know all the ups and downs when you get it.
  3. [quote name='"iVapeTooMuch"']if you want to buy a vape, make sure to go quality and research your specific unit so you know all the ups and downs when you get it.[/quote]

    Yeah definitely dont pick up the first one you see. Do some research on fuck combustion first.
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    Do you need a portable vaporiser or a powerful one?

    Used to own an iolite, great stealthy unit, but temp only goes to 375F/190C, so it won't couch lock you too much and the hits aren't very dense. The tube is very thin though and there is a lot of resistance when taking hits. Not very powerful fast in getting you high but it does the job much more efficiently thank smoking, although bigger vapes are more efficient as the can also extract the cbd that gets relased at higher temps (more couch lock is an option).

    It is extremely hard to get it working your first time but it makes sense once you do, you need very high purity butane (Google around to see what brands are recommended for iolite in your country, I've used venti/max sucessfully) or the impurities will clog it too much to get it up and running and you'll have to flush it all out (press down on the gas adapter with a pen/hand tool).

    Fill in a ventilated area, shake the can and fill with butane with the iolite upright and the can upside down, it should take afew seconds to fill then when it's full it will spill out the sides and stink. Wait at least 5 minutes after filling for it the butane heat up to room temperature. Turn on gas and then click the ignition button down hard up to 10 times till you have ignition, if it doesn't ignite, try raping the button. When the window glows red you have ignition. You will know it's working when it hisses and the window glows red or a minute or two, it will go off and this will keep stopping and starting, because it has a fixed thermostat. Wait 5 minutes for the bud to get real hot, then toke, toke toke. If it's not brown and crispy when you pull it out of the bowl, you're not hitting on it. If you're still not high then it's couch lock you're after, and you need a higher temp vape. If you get high too slowly then you need a tube with more diameter. If still doesn't work, send it back and claim warranty, iolite have very good customer service in my experience, sent me spare screens for free once.

    The iolite is great for stealth and efficiency, as well as maintenance, and at it's temp makes very little odor. You're not meant to drop it, but I've dropped it on the ground many times and it's still been fine, pretty indestructible, especially in it's included carry case. My ignition button broke after a year though, mabye I raped the button too much :( It's portability obviously gives it limitations.

    I've used a friend's Top-Vapor, but it's not very good imo, it is cheap and does the job I guess but I would rather smoke or use an iolite, not very enjoyable. I don't like that:
    -The bowl is easy to spill into the dome, no screen holding the bud in place when you toke hard
    -The whip doesn't have enough diamater, abit more than the iolite, but still, a fair bit of resistance having a toke
    -Bud does not heat very evenly
    -No fan
    -High centre of gravity, when you're high it's VERY easy to knock over, LOL
    -Analogue temp control, no way to compare with other vapes, temp is unstable and take forever to get just right, heating element is powerful and temp can go way over combustion temp if you max out the dial, just difficult to keep it consistent.

    I would highly reccomend my current vape, the extreme q , double that price but worth it imo
    -High diamater whip
    -Fan+Bag option, gets you hits so dense they look as thick as smoke
    -Temp is very stable and can get set beyond the point of reason, 250C! You can set it as high/low as you need
    -Bowl can fit around a finger!
    -Only problem is the top parts are glass and very fragile, and it does need a lot of careful cleaning
    -Not portable at all and pretty big, you can plug it in car cigarette lighters with 19v laptop chargers, but from anyone looking from the outside it will look like some kinda bong

    Hope this helps
  5. You are not addicted to weed, you're addicted to nicotine.

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