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  1. so I got 8 clones that are rooted in rockwool cubes in 2 separate reservoirs (4 in each).  I just moved the rooted clones into the tubs/resevoirs a week ago today and started my week 1 line up of nutes. (cyco platinum series)  I did have them under T8s but my cheap walmart ballast took a shit on me and now they are under a 1000 watt HPS along with my 3 other plants. (AK47 FEM, Liberty Haze FEM, and Thai Fantasy AUTO) My HPS is on 18/6 right now.  I am supposed to start week 2 nutes today after I flush but the plants have not grown at all since "transplant" last week.  Should I not start week 2 nutes?  And does anyone know why they may not be growing up.  The roots are still growing, but only 2 out of 8 have roots coming out of the bottom of the net pots.  Any response helps.

  2. how old are the clones? clones will take 4-6 weeks from the time they are taken to start showing veg. growth, all their enery is going into building a stong root zone.
  3. Are you top feeding the clones? If not, top feed until you get a few good roots out the net pot and into the soup.

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