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Need help, Annoying low tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AndresB, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Hello, basically I have really low tolerance. I mean a .6 joint will get me really high (body vibrations, excessive heart rate, slow motion like vision) but I wish I could enjoy these effects I usually get nervous and have a bad time. What do you recommend to do to enjoy the effects? Has this ever happened to you in your beginner days? Thank you
  2. It's a lot easier not being paranoid if you don't have to hide it from people in your house. If that's your situation, only smoke when you know they won't be around so you can enjoy your high. If that's not your position, then why are you nervous? Or you could be smoking too much. Just smoke a bowl or something rather than a joint, I don't know.  :bongin:
  3. well people being home isn't a problem. Brother doesn't mind, I've noticed the more I think about it when I'm high the more I get nervous and the effects over take me. I need some tactics to enjoy it. It's hard to explain I love the feeling but hate my nervous self. I'm a nervous person in general -_-
  4. It can take a while to build tolerance to a comfortable level..smoke less more often if you can..also sativas will make you more racy so look for indicas
  5. thanks for the advice appreciate it. Can you name some favorite indica strains please? Thank you.
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    I have seen people become anxious enough to send themselves into a panic attack, however this is more common with drugs such as mushrooms. Occasionally I have seen it with cannabis, but not as often. 
    It is possible that your herb is contaminated with something that is having a stimulating effect on your cardiovascular system. If you not sure, ask an opinion of a more experienced user.
    TinTizzy has a point about the the sativa vs. indica. If your looking to relax your mind, look for indica.
  7. so my stuff has a chance of beig laced? I honestly don't think so I can handle it... Until I start over thinking..
  8. enjoy it, soon you'll be smoking significantly more to be content with your lvl of highness
  9. true man I just gotta enjoy it, clear mind happy high
    If your worried, consider the onset of the effects. If the physical feeling of pounding heart, sweats, and anxiety is immediate you might have some contaminated herb. If the onset is slow, inconsistent, or takes a while, I'd say your likely safe.
    As to calming yourself, consider finding a spiritually minded person to smoke with. Often cannabis can release things in the mind that we don't expect. To deal with them, we need friends who are open to self-examination. Far to often people use cannabis in the wrong atmosphere.
  11. Dont smoke a jay if you cant handle it. Low tolerance is a good thing. You dont have to spend as much money. Get a pipe/bubbler and blaze a small bowl. Youll be chillen. The less you smoke the less paranoia and tripping out. 
  12. Smoke weaker weed or just use a one hitter, and how I miss having a low tolerance use to take 2 hits from a dugout to get me to cloud nine now I can smoke a whole j and be just a little high
  13. I don't think its contaminated, you're just anxious, it happens to everybody at some point, chill out and smoke a little less. if you can get to the bottom of what is causing your anxiety you'll be able to smoke without getting nervous.
  14. Mind set an setting. Be in a comfortable place with the least amount of stressors as possible. Do something you enjoy to distract you from anything just lose yourself in the activity. Also remember noone has ever died from weed, not once. You'll be just fine and it will wear off. Other than that just breathe deep and slow and rationalize why you're feeling that way.
  15. "Annoying tolerance? You can't be serious? Having a low tolerance is amazing in more ways than one. Bro, I can assure you that your tolerance isn't the issue. If you don't want to get as high, don't smoke as much. You need to learn how to control your levels of high, regardless of your tolerance.
    What you are experiencing sounds more like anxiety, panic, and paranoia. Smoke less, and enjoy the high. Stop worring about how high you'll get, if you can handle it, how fast your heart it beating etc. You are only making it worse.
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  16. When you want to get really baked, make sure theres no one around you that you are scared of getting caught by. And always remember to keep in mind that whatever you're feeling is NORMAL,so enjoy it
  17. Dont smoke as much and try to be doing something so you don't over think it as much.
  18. I would suggest that you don't smoke mj.

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