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  1. I live In Scotland, I've got 4 grams of medical cherry pie on me. I smoke from a glass pipe, is a bong really that much of a difference?
  2. Way different
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  3. How have you got medical cherry pie when weed isn't legal in Scotland ? BTW UP THE RA
  4. It's from California
  5. A bong will give a more intense hit while filtering out a lot of the crap, and cooling the smoke..The hit will be intense. I still like the taste from my trusty little Sherlock but my 12' Bong is normal my daily driver..
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  6. Bongs are best for sure; stronger, cleaner hits so your lungs are gonna thank you in the long run too. You can pick up a solid entry bong for about £40-£50 easily and it should last forever if you treat it right.
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  7. How did you get weed from Cali lol wouldn't it just cost 10x more then what you'd usually pay?
  8. in a bong, you can smoke waaaaay more at once. bongs are just so nice. i love them and all other ways of smoking are kinda boring now.
  9. m
    maybe his friend went and brought some nugs in his stomach. thats what... someone i know would do

  10. Yeah because people are going to swallow weed and try smuggle it lol its not even worth doing..
  11. Totally not worth it. Could just be a medical strain from Cali grown closer to home. That's his business, not ours, let's pretend it's all legally sourced :)

    I prefer bongs because they're smoother, and they help me conserve my stash if need be. I can take a small bowl through a bong and be way higher than if i smoked a large bowl from a pipe or a joint. It's all subjective, but I think generally everyone agrees with that.
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  12. aye, bongs are the best
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