Need help about first grow problems.

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  1. My half and a week old plant have some leaves problem, I don't know which it is and here I need your help!
    Below I have uploaded a photo of the plant, please tell me simply what I have to do... Thanks in advace!

    Growing in canna terra professional,
    First flushed for seedlings under 5x36w clf estimated Watts 700

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  2. The plant doesn't look healthly, but I'm not sure why. What kind of water are you giving her, do you know the pH of it? Tap, bottled, filtered? Have you given her any additional nutrients or added anything to the soil mix? Do you allow the soil to dry out completely before you water again (a couple days?) Is there any run off water, how much?

    Young plants in soil aren't very demanding, the plant only needs decent water, so unless you have given her something else I would guess your watering is fucked up.
  3. overwatered....AND there may be something chewing on those leaves...inspect the undersides for bugs ...


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    Alright thanks, so will fix the watering, I usually water all the plants same, but two of tree are sick, the other is doing pretty fine even a boosted one? So i thought I didint overwater them, it is possible if soil isn't pressed well to appear such a problems?

    From all the watering just only once i made with run off, after i transplanted em, and yes i sprayed once or two the plants with rly slightest amount of nutrients, was bcs i forgot i putted 1ml of formulex into 1l tap water, I often watered em with bottled water range of its pH is 6.5- 7.2 (table water).

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