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Need help about drug dogs!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChubbyRage, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Hello GC, today in my school assembly we were told about something that was about the teachers thinking a few people in sixth form, my year, had been taking in weed to school so they're bringing in sniffer dogs on tuesday.

    Now, the last time i smoked was on friday.

    I'm wondering if I will be fine, or will the dogs still detect the pot smoke in my hair or washed clothing?

  2. hahahahahah!
  3. wtf is sixth form?

    You will probably be fine. They are looking for stronger smells than residual.
  4. just wear clean clothes, and shower haha
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    i went to a 4A school here in iowa (i graduated with 400+ people) and every 2 months the police would stop by while we were all in class and we werent alowed to be in the hallways during their walk thru. they would walk thru each locker bank with a drug dog and the principle with the locker key would open the lockers if the dog ever signaled to the police officer.

    they are prolly going to search the lockers not you unless they find some in your locker:rolleyes: dont take it with you to school just a bad idea
  6. I'd shave your hair. Just to be safe. :eek:
  7. Ok thanks guys.

    Sixthform is the last year in English schools.

    So it starts when you're 16-18.
  8. Sixthform is basically an optional high school in the UK. After Year 11 (Age 16), you can choose to get a job, go to college or stay on at your school's (or anothers) Sixthform.
  9. Shit-where abouts in the UK do you go to school?
    And just don't bring any weed/paraphernalia with you on Tuesday then, even if they smell it on you they can't do shit.
    "Why do you smell of weed son?"
    "No idea, guess I must have been around someone that was smoking it."
    Long as you don't have any on you then they'll be pretty much powerless.
  10. hahaha, talk about being paranoid man. Shave your hair dude, and bleach your clothes! The dogs can smell ittttt.
  11. if you dont have anything on you, what are they gonna do?
  12. Well number one, you need to shave your head like ASAP. Burn all your clothes that you've smoked in, then just to be safe burn the rest. Go buy some new clothes. Then make absolutely sure to bleach any other hair on your body, or completely shave it off. (Armpits, chest, pubes, etc.) Go to school on Tuesday with a giant steak in your pocket just incase they still smell the weed on you, so the cops will think it's just the steak.

    Totally legit.

  13. hahahahahahhaah that IS fuckin legit. id rep you if i could
  14. wouldent matter you dont have any weed on you it could be from anywhare
  15. YES THEY WILL. Cut your hair off right now so smoke will be released from your hair, it may seem extreme but better safe then sorry.
  16. GrassCity: A place where fellow stoners can scare paranoid (probably underaged, middleschool/freshmen children) into shaving off their hair because they are paranoid and have no clue about laws and law enforcement.

    im guessin op is one of those children...
  17. oh you guys are mean lol

    you will be fine op just dont bring any with you to school
  18. Get a few mates to pitch in and buy an ounce of mids or schwag. Grind that shit in to a powder and spread it around EVERYWHERE! The handlers will think the dog had flipped out. Should be good for lolz.

  19. Way to go, douche.
  20. Why would they tell you...Everyone is just gonna clean their shit out.

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