Need help 5 weeks into flower

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  1. Guys I'm 5 weeks into flower
    3-4 days ago leaves started curling up with sharp edges and yellowing tips.

    I thought it was nutrient burn my ec was 1.6 and I dropped it to 1.3 but that didn't work

    Then I thought it could be light burn so I moved light up to 50cm. It was on 25cm before. Running quantum board qb288
    That didn't help either

    Now I flushed the plant with pH 5.5 water.(Coco grow)
    Flashed it with around 10l then fed her

    I don't know what else can I do.

    Also pistil are turning brown. Is that normal 5 weeks into flower????

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Mango strain 20190806_194226.jpg 20190806_194135.jpg 20190806_194147.jpg 20190806_194206.jpg 20190806_194218.jpg

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  2. coco grow = 6.0 not 5.5
    What is the runoff's pH? It may be dropping in the media to acidic levels locking out the necessary Ca/Mg required at >6.0.
    I would check my runoff, and probably flush with appropriate condition solution afterwards.
  3. I checked the run off
    1.3ec going in and maybe 0.7 coming out
    So that would mean nutrient lockout?
    So she's starving?
    Is 10l of water that just went through enough or should flush her with more?

    Also do I feed her after flush or leave her with just the water for a day?

    Sorry about all the questions but I'm worried

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  4. The dropping EC is excellent. That means its taking up the nutrients since its more concentrated in the start (1.3), but dilute afterwards (0.7). And that's a significant drop too, maybe increase the nutrient solution until u see a drop of ~0.2 (example; feed at 1.5 and see if it drops to 1.3 without causign burn).

    What was the pH of the solution coming out?

    I feed after I flush otherwise there are no nutrients in the media.

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