Need Help... 3 clones, 2 buckets...

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by kushmanno, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Just transplanted freshly rooted clones into the veg room... only had two buckets available so I put two clones in one big net pot and the 3rd clone in it's own netpot, so I've got 2 plants in the same bucket as an experiment.

    A few questions if you will....

    - The pH rises daily from my corrected 5.5 to what seems to be about 6.5. So every night I put a few drops of GH PH DOWN in it to get it to be around the desired 5.5

    - The two clones aren't really showing too much growth in terms of height, while the other clone by itself is really doing quite well. Leaves were a bit burnt so I dumped out 1/2 of my 3.5gal buckets and replaced with clean RO water, balanced the pH an hour after the change.....

    Note: Both root systems have surpassed the bottom of the pots and are about an 1'' to 2'' long of pure white goodness. (so total length of roots aprox. 4'')

    Sorry no photos to display at this time. thx for any help guys
  2. What strenght is your nute solution?
  3. My experience tells me his PPMs are way too high for the plants needs at this point if the PH rises that much over a one day period
  4. Yes I think the later is correct..... I finally got paid today so I was able to afford a PPM meter, which after calibrated my PPM in BOTH buckets reads about 361-370 which after reading a little bit on correct ppm for cuttings it is wayyy too high. So I'm dilluting the water right now. Hopefully they will start moving again once this nute lock up gets outa the way

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