Need Help, 2nd grow Grape ape, Blue Dream

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    View attachment 132305 So Ive got a 4x4 well ventalted tent. Growin in northern CO. 3 five gallon buckets with net pots, hydroton, gh 3 part on the lucas formula  0-5-10
    on avrage the ph and ppm are
    What Is this odds blue/purple discoloring on the stem?

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    Thanks Blades!!!

  2. Need more pictures and give us more info. Let's see the roots, how old are these plants?

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  3. Probably a few more days till the roots break through the net pot. They were cut on 11-25-13, i purchased them from a grower, on 1-10-14. Killed one because the water levels were too low in one bucket and it dried out. 
  4. Your ppms are probably too high at that level for such a young age. But without seeing the level of root structure its hard to say. Could be over fed.
    blue/purplr coloring is due to the low temps in winter. not a problem
    these are clones not seedlings they can handle full strength nutes as long as their roots are established
  6. I don't think a clone could handle 850 ppm.... Lol full strength on most nute brands are 1400+. There's no way a seedling or clone can handle that....
  7. u might be surprized. clones are as old as the mother plant. before the roots are down u are just gonna burn and stunt ur plant but i run a ebb and flow veg table and all the plants get the same nutes full strength grow formula. after 2-3 weeks when the clones are rooted they are placed on the table
  8. thanks for all the responses. i lowering them all to 550ppm today, does that sound better?
    my water was 100ppm to start with.
  9. I don't think I would be surprised... Im about 420% positive Plant age has nothing to do with nutrient uptake, it all has to do with plant size and root structure.
  10. You should consider bringing up your Ph to 5.8. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    anyone wanna second that 5.8? 
    I may try it for the grape ape cause they currently arent looking well. 
    While the blue dream is flying upwards at the moment in a healthy looking fashion. 
    Bout to change out the water on all of them, any tips.  Im just gettin 3 new buckets and using the lucas 0-5-10 formula. Then switching the net pots. I read your supposed to switch water every week ideally. is that excessive?
    Grape Ape
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    Blue Dream
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    Purpling stems usually is cal mag def. Are you using any calmag in your nutes mix?Also yes on the 5.8. Very important mayhe up to 6 but ideally 5.8Also if I were you I would switch the 3 part gh and go with the head modified lucas formula. Just use 6ml micro and 9ml bloom all the wat from start to finish even for clones. You shouldn't have any issue with that. Get calmag is very important, you can use Epsom salt and that should eliminate any purple on the stem. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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