need help 1st attempt at fresh frozen failed

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by myeden420, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. hey guys looking for some I have ran bho in closed loop before but always dried cured bud...very small closed loop system...however I harvested a plant 2 days ago froze it right away so today I got a new 1.5 inch by 18 inch column with a de wax sleeve on it so Ipacked it with dry ice and a little de natured alcohol.....took the fresh frozen bud packed it in. and ran 3 cans of butane through it....I didn't bother trying to recover the butane this time as I need a new clamp for the recovery anyway basicly I got BARELY anything out of it! my old column was only 1.5 in by 6 in and I have gotten more out of that than this 18 in column.....does any one have any ideas is there something I am missing with this fresh frozen stuff??? any ideas would really help! THANKS guys
  2. I never had good luck with fresh frozen for anything... edibles, oil, or dabs.
    For some reason I always got way too much chlorophyll for the amount of return too. Bitter ass stuff.
    IMO stick to cured (or at least well dried)

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