Need help, 10 days into flowering still issues

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  1. Hydro or Soil Miracle Grow Organic Soil
    Type of light? iv got about 100 watts of soft white cfl, on 12/12 time
    "Atmosphere" Conditions temps are between 80-90 controled by intake and outtake fans
    Waterings: water when soil is dry
    PH Range i have no checked this in a while (i need to know how i can raise/ lower this)
    Nutrients/Supplements schultz 10-15-10
    Pictures if possible! (Posting pictures can describe the problem for you)

    I'v had PH problems for quite a while now but have no really figured out any solution, a lot of my leaves are just browning at the tips and are drying out an d dying. My plant is in flowering and i just want to make sure everything goes smoothly through this final stage. Does anyone know what type of deficiency this could be?

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  2. Sad looking plants!

    I don't reccomend Miracle Grow, some people have good luck with it, some don't, I stay away from it.

    Also you don't have enough light for it. Do you have 100watts of CFLS or CFLS that = 100 watts of incandescent?

    They also look underwatered, I water every 3 days, and fert every third watering. Water when the soil is dry at the top and slightly under, if the soil is dry about an inch down then you're not watering enough.

    Check PH with a PH metere, raise or lower with a product such as PH Up/Down or an equvilent product. I use a natural organic PH control product meant for hot tubs.

    Makre sure no light is sneeking in when lights are off.

    Try flushing 2 time with distilled water or moving it into a larger pot with different soil.

    Let me know how it goes.
  3. yeah i need to check the PH, but is there anything else u can use to raise or lower it besides the general hydro up down stuff that iv seen online, cant you use lemons or something?

    I have flushed it once before but im sure it could use another flush by now.

    I cant really put it in a bigger pot at this point due to the size of my grow space

    And yes its 100 watts of real light not the equivalents
  4. So my plant isnt getting much better..i really need input GC community! Im half way through flowering but the plant is slowly deteriorating! I tested the run off with some PH strips i have and it was showing up ridiculously low, does this mean i am adding to much nutes into the soil? Is there any way i can raise the PH with something easy to find?

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  5. Sup man.. yeah I would flush the shit out of those plants... you are using waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooo mush nutrients.... 10-15-10..... WOW:eek:

    next.. I would lower the temperature.... should be like 75

    just go to the store and buy a PH reader/solution... it only costs like 10$ and it will save you in the long run,....

    but again man.. to raise the PH put uppers in it... JUST ONE DROP!!!!!!!!
    to lower it... breath in the bottle and shake it up!

    Good Luck
    Happy Growin
    The Phantom

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