need hellppp! taking shrooms at a concert...

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  1. hey guys
    so i'm going to a lotus concert in chicago in february. if you've never heard of them, check them out-- [ame=""]YouTube - Lotus - Livingston Storm[/ame]

    anyways, im planning on splitting an 8th of shrooms with a close friend before the concert. I've taken them once before with the same amount and i had the best trip ever. It was more of an emotional trip than visuals, but it was the best experience. the friend i did it with then was having a great trip until we encountered a cop (nothin bad happened, just cops being a dick) and everything went downhill for her from then on. i was tripping pretty hard when we came across cops, but for some reason i saw past it and kept my cool.

    my friend going to the concert, however, has never taken shrooms before. but we're pretty much the same when it comes to anything. Like both of us never tweak on weed, we're really level-minded and practical. and i just have a feeling that we'd be the same on shrooms.

    lotus is one of our favorite bands and they're music is sooo chill. reminds me of nature. when i took shroom for the first time alli could listen to was lotus. so im so siked to go see them live and trip. and i know taking booms at a concert for ur first time could be bad, but it isn't like a craaazy hyphy concert. the place is pretty small and intimate, and the music isn't rap or techno or nething crazy. itll be a mellow atmosphere, and im sure everyone there will be chill too, no douchebags. plus its in the city...and i fucking loveeee chicago. best city ever. we're gonna be smoking some bud in the concert too. oh, and i asked my guy bout the shrooms he gave us. and he told me these are not as strong as the last ones i had, which makes me feel a little safer.

    but anyways, after reading all this, do you think its gonna be okay for us to take shrooms there? will it be okay for my friend?
    what time do you think we should take them? the music starts at 8, and im thinking we should take them around 7? i dont wanna peak too early though, so what do you think?

    thanks for taking the time to read this!


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