Need halo 3 MLG friends going for 50

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  1. Hey guys I'm a 43 in MLG now and I am tired of going in by myself to try and win matches. I am a good player usually go positive and I always call out. If anyone could help me out so we can go in as a team that would be awesome. Reply to this thread with your GT or just add me.

    GT : Hardlinemonk
  2. Your better off going searching pairs then with a team of 4. Idk why but when you search with a team of 4 always takes longer for you rank up.
  3. Ya I know this but I have very few MLG friends who are good. So one good one would do...
  4. dude you should add me. im always looking for stoner friends that like mlg :smoking:
    gt= dewky
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    OK, I'll add you tomorrow

    EDIT: added
  6. well i dont have a very high mlg rank but im always down for halo, hit me up if u want, gt: Banglish

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