Need grow closet ideas.

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  1. My grow box just isn't cutting it, temps too high and space issues.

    I am going to switch over to a closet in an unused room. The closet it roughly 5'x2 1/2'x8'. Yesterday I spent some time trying to light proof it, still needs work there, but not a huge deal because the room is rarely used so when I put a curtain up it should stay pretty dark anyway.

    I have a 4' flourotube setup in there right now 2 40w 2700k. And when I start using it I plan to add at the very least 2 26w cfl's for side lighting, more likely 4 cfls, unless heat is an issue.

    My issue is air exchange. How important is it in a closet set up like this? The doors are cheap sliders made out of a thick paper like material on a cheap metal frame. I guess I could cut a hole in that for my pc fan, but that makes it very not stealth. The closet connects to my closet if you cut a hole in the wall, but I would also like to avoid that.

    My house has a central AC unit but I don't know if it works (it's old and sat unused for a couple years), hopefully soon I'll be able to get someone to look at it and find out it's status.

    Any thoughts? My small grow box 3'x1'x3' roughly can hit 110 degrees with 7 cfls if I let it.

    I plan on using the jello yeast Co2 method once I get to the closet because upping Co2 levels make the heat issues lessen.
    Does it sound the like closet temps will stay acceptable with no venting aside from the cracks between the door and opening the door when possible? I have a small 4" fan I can put in there and/or a large box fan probably 20" I believe.
  2. I grew a single plant in a closet without ventilation and it was fine. It was a cfl grow, I had 4 42 watt cfl's and a few more for side lighting. Had a fan blowing on the plant at all times. When lights were on I would open the door up a little bit (about 6 inches or so) for a little extra vent. Temps rarely got above 80. I do have a great central air conditioning system so that could of played a factor. As for lightproofing, Just get some blackout curtains for your windows and you'll be fine. Also keep in mind i was only growing one plant, if you plan on doing more than that you would probably need better venting i would think.
  3. Thanks. Ya I forgot to mention I only plan on growing 1 plant. Well sort of. I have my first plant which has gone though hell, it looks like it may start bouncing back but we shall see. I have 2 new sprouts (2 days old) I started because this one isn't doing so well.

    My plan is if this one (looks like a palm tree with all the lower growth having died off) recovers I will move it to the closet for flowering when I finish it then let the other to veg out in the box until they are ready.

    So 1-3 plants. I only want one but if all 3 make it and are female I'm not going to waste them. Plus the law is no different between 1-20 so it really doesn't matter aside from sharing the light.
  4. 4 five inch fans , go on craigslist get a lead light cheap$ save on electric bill.
  5. can u link me to this co2 thing? Good luck on the grow
  6. thanks man +

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