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need good clean lighter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shifty, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. well i been reading about stuff people have been talking about the inhaling of butane when hitting up a vaporgenie. are there any good clean cheap lighters that wont make me inhale butane?
  2. no. the butane is what i being burned. cant get around it
  3. Use a candle if you dont want to inhale butane... but if you do that you will be inhaling the fumes of the fat ( i think) that the candle is using as fuel. Also you arn't inhaling fumes from the wick of the candle (noticably)
  4. dude, dont worry about it.
  5. You can do solar tokes.
  6. Don't worry about butane. You're not inhaling butane fumes or carbon monoxide or anything. The result of butane combustion is carbon dioxide and water in any sufficiently oxygen-rich environment. If you're not toking at high altitudes, you've got nothing to worry about. The people who perpetuate the myth that butane lighter use is harmful are the same people who will try to tell you that smoking out of aluminum is bad for you because of "toxic vapors".

    Protip: The temperature at which aluminum reaches gaseous form (at STP) is 2519 C, a full 542 C hotter than any butane flame can possibly get, even mixed with pure oxygen. In fact, most butane soldering torches only reach 1300 C.

    I understand you're concern, but you don't need to believe all the nonsense you read on the Internet. In this case, it's simply not true. You've got nothing to be concerned about with butane lighters.
  7. lol damn internet making me all worried
  8. solar rays.
    magnifying glass.
    a big one.

    reall big..

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