Need Good Advice For My First Grow....

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  1. i just bought some northern light seed and i want to start my first grow...maybe grow like 3-4 plants i saw this guy that had a rubbermaid grow box the link is here:
    i want to do the same but cut 3 or 4 hole i want to know how many watts i should use i think maybe 250hps is good or any better suggestion and if the 250hps is good you think it will fit in the rubbermaid growbox if not is there any better lights i should use and that are cheap and good..also nutrition for the northern lights what should i use for veg and flow i herd about fox farm and some other stuff but i want suggestion from people that have better
    experience than i do...i also want to know what type of fan i should use and anything that good for ph down and up and temp checker am sorry am asking and making you read this but am a newb so maybe some one will care and help me and give me some good suggestion lol...and where can i get does air pump thaks alot give me some good idea's

    Thank You:hello::smoke::wave:
  2. that's too small for an hps light. You need something about 5 feet tall if you're using a 250w. The 250 will be alright for 3-4 plants.

    If you want to stick with that plan, you need to get some fluoros/cfls, but won't get as good of a yeild.

    You can get an airpump, lines, and everything from a hydro store. pool/fish stores stores will usually have them too.

    Fan: get your lxwxh in feet and multiply them. Whatever it comes out to you'll need a cfm fan equal or higher. Also, get a oscillating fan to put in the grow room/box

    Nutes: all preference, pick whatever works good for others and something you'll like.

    You'll need a ph meter and an ec meter as well as ph up and down. Earth juice has organic ph up and down. I use that, and works good. Never mix up and down though. It's good to have calibration solution for ph and ec also. Just to make sure your meter(s) are accurate. It's good to have some cleaning solution too. Alcohol or distilled water are sufficient also.

    Temp: just find a heater with a thermostat and set the temp.

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