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  1. I recently got this new piece and today my cat knocked it into the trash and the joint broke.
    I'm willing to pay whatever it costs to fix it.
    It was just the joint that broke, so hopefully it can still be fixed.
    Here are some photos

  2. That piece is electroformed right??
    Sadly I don't know of anyone who can fix an electroformed pieces.... set it on the shelf for memories.
  3. Sorry to hear man, that looked like a real unique piece. How much did you pay for it? 

    Tell us your region and we can give you some blowers in your area. 
    Let me know when you find someone who repairs electroformed work....
  5. Bam!

    They apparently fix electroformed work. This is the company that commissions them and actually creates electroformed work themselves. They are in Minnesota.

    They do say that not everything is repairable so contact them and see what happens. 

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    (Pre google search) The hells electro formed y'all?
  7. (Post google search) Aaahh outta my price range
    This must be a rich hippie thread
  8. Did you get this fixed? And how much did it cost
  9. ^^
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    We've been blowing glass for over 15 years and been doing repairs for 7. Hit us up on FB.... search 420 glass repair (and also search A Glasswork Orange). (I don't come on here much so if you PM me, I may not get it for awhile) My husband will give you a quote if you PM him on FB. He needs to know height from ground to bottom of fitting, overall height, and width. If you could get a straight on/sideview pic.... that will help as well. Thanks :)
  11. I think you might be a little late on this one...

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