Need for additional lights.

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  1. Hey guys so I think I already posted this is the wrong section so I apologize in advance for the re-post and if any mod sees this could you delete my other post?

    I've got 2 plants outside that I'll be moving inside soon for flowering. They're big girls, I have them in 10 gallon pots, they've been spoiled with the sun lol. I'm putting them in a 4x4, I know its way too small for them but I'll have to cut them to fit because I can't risk flowering them outside and I'm working with what I got. Id rather get something than risk losing everything.

    Anyways, the reason I'm posting.

    I have an 1000watt HIGROW (Chinese) full spectrum LED, I think it barely pulls 400watts and then I have 4 rapidled 75watt LEDS, two of which are 6500k and two 2700k but for some reason I feel as though I NEED MORE! I'll put a picture of the current layout.

    I want these girls to get all the light they can get and I just want to see what you guys think. Do you think I have plenty of light or could I use some more?

    I was looking at purchasing two Core85 LED bars from rapidled, it wouldn't be a much more light but an increase for sure. Very interested in what you guys think, am I all set with what I have or go for it?

    617035271.jpg IMG_4932.jpg
  2. Looking good. Don’t see how you could add any more to the top. But if they real big maybe some side lighting. But 700w in a 4x4 is pretty Max out.

    Oh I just googled that higrow it’s a 200w blurple. What’s your budget?
    Also pic of the plants?
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