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  1. Im looking into getting my first real glass piece. Ive had a china glass pipe for a few months a few years ago. It broke and i didnt like it anyway. I want to get some good glass. I would like something different and cool looking. I only plan on using my pipe when i smoke alone. So I can snjoy smoking it and not break it. Im not sure on what to get. A chillum, steamroller, or a bowl. If anyone can suggest some good name brand bowls just post the link. And also I dont plan on spending more than $50.

    I like this Roor steamroller.
    But Im not sure how to use it. Would I need a bowl piece also?
    Roor Steam Roller Pipe - Small - Online Shop

    I want something like that above. A chillum, or a cool spoon. Hopefully I can get some good ideas from GC because im not sure on what to get since theres so much shit. So just throw some pics or suggestions up. Thanks.
  2. 1. No you would not need a bowl, that little piece of glass sticking up is your bowl.

    2. In order to use it, u put ur herb in the bowl, and hold the pipe using your index finger to cover the hole at the short end (the end to the right of the bowl as seen in the picture) and put your lips to the other end of the pipe.

    If this is your first piece and you have little knowledge/experience with smoking devices then i would suggest going for a standard spoon pipe. I say this because it is the standard toking tool in any smokers arsenal. and also alot of ppl dont like steamrollers because they think the hit is harsher/more hot compared to using your standard spoon pipe.

    3. just DONT get a metal pipe. they get hot and glass is alot healthier/safer to smoke out of.

    Hope this helps
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    RIDE, OR, DIE!!!

    Get an SYN 12" straight/beaker for $85 shipped at HG. If you need anymore info hit me up. It's your first piece so you don't need to get crazy, but you will loooooove a glass on glass bong! For sure!
  4. If you want a personal piece, get something with a small bowl, but even more importantly it should have a small bowl hole.
    A steamroller will be very large and harsh, you may as well get a bong.
    I say a nice spoon with a small bowl and bowl hold with a nice bug chamber so that the smoke isn't too harsh.
  5. you should get a stoneglassworks spoon of alt for 40.
  6. I gotta agree and say a standard spoon is best for both personal and first time pipe buyers.

    IMPORTANT:If you have the option to fully look at the pipes before you buy...try to pick one with a choke at least twice as wide as the bowl hole. If the hole at the bottom of your bowl is the same size as your carb or bigger even you will find it impossible to clear. The Bigger the choke the better.
  7. Im leaning toward a spoon but that Roor steamroller is Small. Its only 5 inches and I want to see that shit milk lol. Also i dont want a bong. Too much money and I will wind up breaking it.
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    I had a 2 foot steamroller that was 3 inchs wide and it ripped my lungs to shreds. The taste was always amazing threw it also. But i did have a smaller one that treated my lungs a bit nicer bit was still considerably bigger than the one you want. Just be ready when you look down and think your suckin milk threw it like a straw.

    Second video is my smaller steam roller
  9. If you get a chillum that isn't too short then you can use it to make a safe makeshift bong.
    I suggest a nice spoon and then a cheap chillum for travel and gongs and such. Then at least you've also got a backup piece. Look for something nice and thick and practice being careful with all glass
  10. mini incredibowl's are 60, a little above you're range, but it's a great little piece.

    I'd just try and not get china glass, get something you can be proud of or years to come, not get sick of in a couple weeks. The sgw looks pretty cool w/ the little work on the end, all clear so you can see it milk up, cool logo, good quality and supporting a better glassblower than some dude in china.

  11. I don't see how there's any more risk in breaking a glass bong rather than a glass on glass steamroller, but okay! :smoke: You don't have to throw down hundreds of dollars on a piece of glass for it to be nice quality and aesthetically pleasing. As mentioned before only $85 for a NICE glass on glass straight/beaker. They're only 10-12" so it's really nice to stash in your dresser drawer or tucked away in your closet, plus nothing beats taking some fat rips out of a bong. You're talking about wanting to see your milk and shit, you can definitely visualize your hit in a glass tube the same way you would a steamroller, plus your hit will be so much more clean, cold, and wonderful. Whenever you buy glass, you have to try and look at it like an investment. People have no problem putting a little extra money towards something that they'll use every day, like shoes, for the extra comfort, or whatever. Think about buying a piece of glass the same way. No matter what you get though, man. Buy american. It's the way to go. :smoke:

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