need female pics early flowering stage

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  1. does any1 no where i can get any pics of early signs of male and female in flowering i gave my plant 36h of darkness then 12/12 on light after the 36h dark and its the third day of light in to bud and its showing signs already can me thanks Reedy Mc
  2. There is a sticky I think called "Sexing" it has good pictures of both
  3. it's going to take a little while longer until you see signs of sexing. typically from the start of 12/12 it'll be 7-14 days until you can see it. if it's male, you'll see balls...if it's female you'll see small white hairs (pistols) coming out of where the branches separate (called the nodes). trust me, it's pretty obvious what they are once they've had a chance to show their sex.

    here's a pic of a female about 2 weeks into flowering:

  4. [​IMG] male

    [​IMG] female​
  5. cheers ppl well theres little stems growing and just wondered if u could tell any earlyer i guess ill have to wait be for i put my northern lights in to bud

    Reedy Mc

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