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  1. Alright I am growing with 2 t8 48' 32 watt bulbs for the veg, I have 2 t12 40 watt bulbs for flowering my plants look like this around half way through week 3




    from my understanding they're a bit small for week 3 and 1/2 and I was wondering should I change from my t8 bulbs to the t12? also about what week can I tell that they're male or female? and if you see any flaws or tips I should do please let me know I am open to criticism
  2. Nah there doing fine, just keep on doing what youre doing
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    kk, question about flowering though, would the t12 lights be fine for that? the spectrum is 4100k and I think the softwhites this size is 3500k
  4. They look fine, might just be running a little small. Don't get worried about not having enough light until they start to get "stretchy" or lanky.
  5. Your going to want something with more of a red spectrum light. I highly recommend you invest in a T5 light system. They make T5 bulbs that are specifically for flowing. I use them for veg and my clones but they can be used right through flowering.
  6. I really don't have 150 dollars to spend at the moment, how fluffy/airy will the buds be if I just replace the t8 lightbulbs with softwhite along with the t12 softwhite lights? and thanks for the help guys.
  7. The light I linked was only $70. You can chose between 4 grow bulbs, 4 bloom bulbs, or 2 of each without an additional charge. I'd recommend getting 2 of each and run the same light from veg to harvest.

  8. Hey jayson. Your lights are good enough to veg the plant. Your plant doesn't look bad at all. No stretching and the plants look healthy.

    You need to veg them for at least another 2 weeks and if you go to 12/12 with the T12's you should know plant sex within 7 days of that.

    However at this point you will be pretty much done with your grow without significantly more light. Strongly recommend you look at a HID grow light. I know how it is with cash, but you will get very little if any bud using 2 40 watt T12's for flowering.

    Also, for vegging get daylight bulbs that are 6700k and for flowering get bulbs that are 2700k. The bulbs you are using (4700 k) have a lot of yellow light which the plant doesn't use.

    Keep growing man! They look good.
  9. Looks good bro. Nice and compact.
  10. I am using the daylight bulbs to veg, I will have to look into getting those t5 fixtures or even a hid setup and thanks everyone for the help.
  11. What if i put the plants in flower mode then put them outside in june, then, bring them back inside at night? Untill i get those t5s or hids
  12. If you can do it, that would be great. Put them out at 8am and bring them in at 8pm and put them in the dark. You'd get some good bud. For that, why not transplant outside?
  13. If heat is an issue get the T5's. If not then get a HID light because it's way better to grow with. I suggested the T5s because I thought you might of had an issue controlling the temps in your grow room.
  14. Well I cannot tell if heat is a issue yet with using cfls but the room is just right using them, and I don't want to transplant them outside because rabbits and/or other things will eat them.
  15. I did a grow using 32 20 watt T12 bulbs. That's right 640 total watts. Great for vegging. Flowering, I got bud, but it was real light and airy bud. It was good to smoke, but very little.

    Not telling you what to do, just what my experience has been. If you check out my current grow, you can see all the flourescents I have. Just now I have a 400 watt HPS on top.
  16. Its not just about the amount of light but the spectrum. When your plants are flowering they need more of a red spectrum light. Thats why when you look at pictures of HPS lights they seem kind of yellowish orange in color.
  17. I would have to see your grow space more before recommending tubes or HID. If I could go back in time I would have started out with tubes. Temperature problems aren't fun for new growers as it tends to be the most expensive element to effectively control in some spaces.

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