need feedback on my new gals (new pics)

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    all looks good, just wanted to get some feedback from the regulars.

    2weeks old
    no nutes, just purified water.

    what do you think?
    when should I start nutes?
    about 3-5inches from t5

    Do i need to make any changes?
    any other advice you guys can give me?

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  2. what soil are they in?

  3. sunshine mix #4
  4. They're lookin pretty good. I can't tell if you watered just before those pictures or not; Might be a wee bit over watered which would cause a little drooping.

    You'll want to wait on this for more input, but I'm pretty sure you can drop the light down further, so it hands 1-3" from the tops. With t5's you can get nice and close without problems as long as your temps are good and the plants are not complaining. When I am judging the light distance I like to only change alittle at a time, so if I went too close, I didn't go WAY too close and fry everything (HPS lamp).

    I'm really gentile when it comes to nutes, and I don't start them nearly as early as everyone else. 1/4 strength is good to start out with, though I might hold off for a little while on the nutes till the plant is more stable.

    Biggest bit of advice: get yourself supplies to test and adjust the ph of your water. Or, since you are not on nutes yet, you can take a sample to a local hydro shop and see if they would test out the water for you, just so you can get a good baseline. but really..I got a ph kit for 10 bucks, it's no biggie.

    I hope that helps a bit. Keep up the good work! :D
  5. gave them some water yesterday and today they look like this. Should I b worried? what do i need to do?

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  6. I love to see so many other users using Reflectix as their reflective material... Rock on..
  7. i would stop watering. they look overwatered.

  8. Thanks.

    Been 3weeks when should I
    Move to bigger pot?
  9. wait until they dry out to start feeding them. start at 1/4 strength and work up to full strength.

    1 gallon of soil for each month the plant is alive. so you have 1 week to get it in at least a 2 gallon container.

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