Need feedback from experienced members. 100% control of odor during late flowering and harvest

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  1. Hello. Growing 2 northern lights (feminized). They’ll be due to chop around the same week of a family member’s birthday (which I’m hosting). I currently have my grow in dwc buckets, in a grow tent, 440 cc fan attached to an in-tent, in-line carbon filter (6”x 16” in a 2x4 tent). The odor is controlled enough that there is zero smell in the portion of my home where the guests would be.

    Being my first grow ever, my worry is that once this plant gets into late flowering that it will reek to high heaven. That would be a disaster and simply is not an option.

    My question: if I continue to maintain my current set up, would you anticipate any issues come the late flowering/harvesting period as **it will** overlap with the party I am to host.

    Environmentally, we are non smokers, no pets, house has a very clean, neutral smell currently. I cannot do artificial air sanitizers as I’m allergic. How reliable are these carbon filters? Should I expect it to fail to keep the odor **completely** in check?

  2. A good carbon filter / exhaust fan combo will produce nearly zero smell.
    You are fine.
    If you get worried, turn the exhaust fan up to max speed.
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  3. Noted that you're allergic to artificial air sanitizers, you could always try essential oils and or diffusers to help if you are that worried

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  4. Thank you! I’ve ordered a second fan. The room where I’m exhausting to (unfinished basement storage room) is starting to smell of cannabis. I just flipped to 12/12 today to give you a feel for where the grow is at. So I’m going to add a second filter to the setup. One in the tent (one currently in there) and a second one on the exhaust end (will install in a few days).
  5. Xxxrx
    Thank you for the suggestion!
  6. Had same issue no matter how new of filter i have , you could still get hint of the smell. Easy fix was to attach a fabric softner to the end of the exhaust and whammy, the smell was gone. Did the same thing to my drying tent. Garage smells like bounce fabric softner 24/7 now. I change the fabric softner out every 12 hours. Family members come over and don't suspect a thing.

    20190614_193832.jpg 20190614_193827.jpg
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  7. I’ll try this tonight! You’re amazing!
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  8. How longs the party for? Why dont you back heal your harvest until the party is finished, just put the plants im darkness for 2/3days at the end cycle before harvest, leave your exhaust running.

    It also produces more trichomes and increases terpene profile doing this.
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