Need feedback and help from some OG's around here.

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  1. A close friend of mine wants to grow in his closet. He is elderly and basically wants me to take care of the whole process. I don't know a whole lot about growing, but I would like to try and make this work. Here's what we got going on so far....
    our plan Is to finish 3, using 5 gallon buckets in this 3x3 closet. Here's the first issue, my friend thinks that 3 of these thin strip LED lights that we got from walmart should do the job (He's paying for all this) here is a pic from 3 weeks ago so you can see the light (he just wants to buy 2 more)
    and here is a pic from 6 days ago (when I go back over there I will get more and keep this updated (try to anyway)
    We've got the heat and timer taken care of (getting small fan next week) we want to be able to finish 3 girls in here. My friend is an old vet (sort of stubborn and hostile to all this advanced growing stuff) here is a quote from him "you smartass kids don't know nothing"

    Let me have it guys, would love any and all help. Thanks!!! I'm an OG smoker but a weak noob grower, don't go easy on me let me have it.

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  2. Eh - let him take care of it then. With that attitude he should be a pro his first time anyhow: I wouldn't even help him unless he actually wanted and was willing to receive help.

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  3. Yea I thought about giving up believe me, but I go over there and help him do unrelated stuff all the time, I've already got this far, might as well do the best I can with it and try to learn a little. He doesn't cop an attitude ALL THE TIME, but just sometimes, and if I was in his condition I would be kind of an ass too. I'm gonna give it my best shot, plus I get to keep 75% of the product, he doesn't even smoke much, I think he just wants to do it for some sort of thrill.
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  4. For 75% of the grow, I would too.
    My Bible is
    It will keep him busy too!:)
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  5. You'll want to go here and start reading -

    Absolute Beginners

    Good luck man.

    Just a couple pices of advice -

    You NEED better lighting. For $79 you can buy an LED light panel on Amazon. If you don't you're going to be sorely disappointed. Weak lighting grows weak plants. If you don't get better lighting you might as well give up now. I'm just telling you the way it is.

    Get yourself some soil actually formulated to grow cannabis. This will be rich in nutrients and will drain well.

    If you don't already hook your light up to a timer. Keep it anywhere from 18 hours a day to 24 hours a day while your plant is growing. When it gets a little less than half the height you want it to finish it, put your lighting on 12 hours a day on in 12 hours a day off .

    Keep reading.

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  6. More light.
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  7. What light would you use for finishing 3 plants in the closet, or do you think we could get away with buying two more of the same light? Thanks for the responses guys
  8. google is your friend. enter "growing 3 plants in an indoor closet set up" or something like that and you will get your answer. Good luck.
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  9. This is the best light for the money right now for a 3x3. I have one in the mail. I've done my research. The newest s6 bin is 10% more efficient then cree cobs but only sells for $1 a watt roughly if you buy the DIY kits. They are the easiest kits in the world to build. No thermal paste. A screwdriver and wire strippers is all that is needed.

    They are sold out right now but they will email when parts come in. For start to finish I would get a 3500k or 4k light for the extra blue spectrum. They are dimmable so if they are too hot or bright for your space or when your plants are young you can turn them down. 135-285 watts with this $285 kit. 608 leds on the light if you get the 304 model board.
    I bet you get more then 8oz-12oz's from a light like this for not much electricity.
    260W QB LED Kit
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  10. That looks like a good option, I just stumbled across this one, tell me what you think of it, almost seems too good to be true for the price but its recommended by so It can't be completely bogus -TaoTronics 24w LED Grow Light Bulb
  11. Dude. Don't mess with screw in bulbs. Link me someone growing awesome plants with screw in bulbs and I'll shut up. Real plants take real light. That's what most of the real growers that have posted have told you. I'm not BSin you. That light I linked is the best light for the money right now. There's an update that says new parts will be in 1-2 weeks.

    This is the best screw in bulb you can get if you want something that can veg a plant. It's 100 watts. 10,000 lumens. Not bad for a bulb. You can find them on ebay for $20 cheaper.
    Feit Electric 500W Equivalent Daylight LED High Lumen Utility Light Bulb-C10000/5K/LED - The Home Depot
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  12. Ok I get what your saying, I need to convince my friend of this, see, back in the 70's and 80's he had a hash oil extractor called an "Iso2" and he would just chuck all sorts of weed in this thing (male and female) and just get hash oil, so he probably doesnt even care about getting a 10/10 plant, but i'm gonna show him the light you recommended me, that way we will get buds and not just hash oil from scraggly ole weeds. Things were a little different back in his day, all they really cared about was using hash oil extractors to suck THC out of below average plants and then "buying a cheap pound of flower and putting hash oil in with it" IDK...I need to step back and re-evaluate this whole thing. Thanks for the help I'm gonna try and talk some sense in to him.
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  13. My last two promix white widows a week or so before harvest. 7 gallon on the left 5 gallon smart pot on the right. I got about 13oz's between them. My latest Crystal (White Widow x Northern Lights) looks way better then these did before flower.
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  14. 20170628_155435.jpg Here it is today, I see pistils, my camera wouldn't give me a good shot of them though. It would be a shame if it went to waste.

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