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  1. My plant is a giant bush 6.5 foot tall and 6 foot round . over the last 2 3 weeks it has started flowering but because of all the bud sights it seems to be real slow in its progress to advance into anything serious . and now the weather here is getting cold already seeing 49 to 39 at night . I do know she is a little root bound, but at this time I dont want to risk transplanting it besides I cant find any larger pots the pot I am using is from a tree farm they usually ship 12 to 15 foot trees in so my questions are ...

    should I trim it ( smaller lower growth )

    what can I feed her to stimulate flowering / budding

    any way to quicken up the process ??

    bringing her inside isnt an option she is too big and others I live with cant stand the smell ( wife )

    any recomendations on what to do at this point would be greatly appreciated . I have done real well to this point. I germinated her , raised her with loving hands , fought off all the pests with out hurting her , kept her from getting plucked by the man or thiefs and now when it seems she will do good I am getting nervous and dont know what to do ...
  2. neato.

    I would just let it bud (imho)

  3. what nutes you been giving her? What N-P-K? P should be 3/4xhigher than N or K for budding. how long at night does it stay 4Odegrees and does it seem to be affecting her?

    You could prune. There's no garuntees it will bud faster, it will concentrate growth to other, bigger limbs.

    You have a soil ph kit or wand? You know the ph? It could be lots of things. You need to rule out what you know it can't be.

    wow this bogbubble got me waked an baked.
  4. I have been making my own blend out of individual ingredients with some miricle grow patio every other watering I have been feeding 46%P and its been doing great no yellowing or burnt leaves just now that its gone into flower ( white hairs getting bigger and more abundant top leaves getting smaller and grouping togather ) its just that it has over 100 bud sites ( where white hairs have clustered ) I stopped couting at 100 and I can only imagine it takes alot of energy to sustain all those sites I can only imagine if I had a longer grow time how it would turn out the entire plant would be a HUGE BUD . this is my verry first serious grow and I have taken alot of tips and recomendations from you all one of wich I wish I skipped ( made it a bush ) ganja guru's tip just because of its size now :) its just that I am getting nervous all I want is some kind of yeild even if its not too much as long as all my work is for not I will be happy cause there is always next year ...

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