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  1. I'm growing in cocotek
    Royal cookies
    1 week 1 day since planted 6 days since sprouted
    2x 300w led vipar
    Purified water
    About 16 inches away
    I water everyday in the after noon
    I'm using a fabric bag I don't really know how many gallons it is but if I was to take a guess around 3-4
    The first three days after it sprouted I only watered with calimagic and purified water
    Ph is yellow i tested with the vial tester came with ph up And down
    I think my ph meter is messed up I bought the 3in 1 thinking it was a good deal because it's like a whole 1.0 off the meter doesn't add up with the vial tester so I'm trusting the drops so I ended up buying a better one just waiting for it.

    So yesterday(Day 5 since sprouted) I decided to put floramicro 1/4 floragro 1/4 flora bloom 1/4 and 1tsp of calimagic
    But I never poured the whole gallon I only poured untill I seen run off but my run off ph
    Its green not yellow
    So today I tried to lowering the ph when I watered today and now the run off is yellow
    Haven't gotten my ppm meter yet

    Temps varies around 69 at night - 83 day one time it went up to 88
    The hudmity I read online to keep it around 70 or 80 for seedlings
    So mines is at 65-80% the first two days it was at 90%
    Using a hudmifier

    I'm concerned about the brownish tips of leaves and yellowing it's also growing kinda slow in my opinion compared to other videos

    Could someone help me out to find out what's wrong with it or tips/tricks to help grow

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  2. Anybody?

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  3. I'm no expert but probably nute burn. From what I read here in the past 3 months is you start nutrients after the there set of leaves.
  4. Sorry three sets of leaves
  5. Bump

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  6. nute burn...never give ferts to a seedling ..they don't use it and it burns them...seedlings have around 14 days of baby food in them.. also get the runoff ph in the correct range ...even with seedlings this is a key rule of thumb ..ALWAYS make sure the runoff is correct...or else you'll have problems everywhere...good luck


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