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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by lager88, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. i sprayed my outdoor plants 4 days ago with pyrthrin ,all the new growth looks burnt and shriveled up,

    the fan leaves are fine, what should i do to help it?? i sprayed it off with water then we hada good rain

    but the new growth is fucked. i was doing great up until this point and now i think i killed them:mad:
  2. Pyrethrins normally don't hurt the plant, and lose their toxicity after a short period of time ... pay close attention to the label directions ... pyrethrins are made from marigolds, and are a safe pesticide when used according to directions ... don't apply anything in the sun, as the sun's rays magnify in the droplets and burn the plant ... you can gently rinse off your plant with plain water, if you think it was over-applied, or just give it a day, and see if it recovers ... likely will snap right back, if the insects did no serious damage ... for the future: foliar-feeding should be done in the early daylight, when the under-leaves' pores are open, pesticides should be sprayed in the waning hours of daylight, when the pores are closed ... good luck
  3. thank you i sure hope they snap back,, what will happen to the new growth that is shriveled up??
  4. theres a chance that if its not completely dead it might come back
  5. Did you buy the concentrate and not dilute it? May sound stupid but it happens more then you'd think.
  6. yeah im not what the percentages are but i remember reading somewhere about using a 1:1000 solution....dont quote me on that...

    if you used straight solution....i feel really bad for you. not cracking just sayin that would suck
  7. no it was mixed,i sprayed at sundown, fatal error
  8. My first year growing I poured straight liquid nutes into my soil, I thought they must make super plants being 20$ for each use : D
  9. yeah lager you should be fine....dont even worry about it...

    and jpink lololololololololol
  10. thanks bro

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