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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GRGREEN619, May 10, 2016.

  1. Starting a conversation new to this forum need some experienced help with a new system and really could use some tips and tricks if interested post I'll send you invite. Thanks from one enthusiast to another...
  2. What, specifically, are you wanting to know?
  3. Yeah. What is the topic?
  4. Hi.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
  5. I would like information on the products I'm using as far as personal preference as well as opinions of my setup regarding lights and enclosure

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  6. Ok here's the rundown of what I've got. 3x3x4 space, 1 Galaxy 300 watt led system plus 1 hps 100 watt. Exhaust fan pulling out and one pushing in for cross breeze ( will adjust to accommodate temperature) I'm using fox farm organic soil (def could use help with mixtures) I'm only germinating 2 seeds at a time of white cookies from cropking until I get the method and process set. I'm thinking advanced nutrients brand additives like : Sensi Grow + Bloom, Carboload, Voodoo Juice, Rhino Skin, Cal-Mag.
    I'm completely new but have heard decent things about the above. Not sure on the feeding schedule or additives. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My enclosure will be setup Friday and I will have photos for more in depth look.

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  7. Well I can tell you what I go with for soil Green. This mixture gets me through one complete grow with limited nutes. I mix:
    32qts. of Black Gold's Seedling Start
    16qts of Black Gold's Worm Castings
    16qts of Fox Farms Ocean Forest

    I aerate the water for 24 hours using a pump with air stones.
    I use Advanced Nutrients for Nutes and the schedule goes as follows: Every measurement is per Gallon.
    Veg: 5ml's Rhino Skin, 5mls B-52, 5mls Sensi Grow A + B, 5mls of Green Tea, 10mls Sensizym
    Bloom: 5mls Rhino Skin, 5mls B-52, 5mls Nirvana (wks 3-6),10mls Connoisseur A + B, 5 ml's Green Tea Bloom, 10 ml's Sensizym (wks 1, 3, 5), Big Bud 1/2tsb, 5mls Bud Candy, 10ml's Overdrive (wk 5.5-7), 10mls Final Phase (wks 8+)

    I add the nutes in the order I listed them in, then PH down to 6.2. You can adjust the amounts each week as you learn how to read your plants.

    Now I will add, Ad. Nutes are expensive, perhaps not worth the money as the same results can be achieved with lesser brands. I have no experience with other brands so I use these guys cause this is what I know.

    Nutes don't increase the potency of your weed, so more is not better. Nutes facilitate a healthy plant so the plant can achieve its maximum potency for the strain.

    More light equals bigger buds.

    Good luck!
  8. Awesome thanks for the info been thinking of gettin an Apollo horticulture tent since I been looking at em. Jus to figure out exhaust and fans I guess

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