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Need experienced help! Budgeting/advice for first grow!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by danksta777, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I could really use your input! all the reading in the world can't give me practical knowledge, and i'm a complete n00b to having my own setup, so I really don't want to waste money.
    My circumstance is a bit different than anything I can find here so I figured starting a thread I could really get some individualized advice:

    I have a series of checks coming in, but i just recently became legally able to grow, so i am dying to get started.
    On my next paycheck, I may have $400 to spend, maybe a little bit more, or a bit less, not entirely sure.
    I'm thinking I will get what I need for the vegetative state. I have another paycheck in a month, but a bigger check coming shortly thereafter.

    So I'm thinking, $400 to get me through Vegging:
    400w kit w/ MH $150
    seeds $100-$120
    soil $50
    pots $20
    rockwool $15
    timer $10
    ph test kit disposable $15
    exhaust and intake fans - $30

    can you see off/wrong or anything else i will need here for the first 4 weeks? I figure all this should get me through, as for nutes, I think I'll try using 1/2 FFOF, 1/4 Happy Frog, 1/4 perlite, so hopefully i won't need notes for the first 4 weeks.

    My next check will be 4 weeks later, this will be a filler, until my tax return gets here, I'll have maybe $200-$300.

    Bigger pots - $20
    cloning station? -$50
    rooting gel ~$15

    which should be 6-8weeks, off which I'll have $1,000 to spend. Then I have another check shortly after that, which raises my budget even more.

    With this first $1000, I will either get
    600w or 1000w cool tube reflector = ~$250?
    carbon filter and inline fan = $200
    3x3 tent = $100-130
    fox farm nutes = $100
    vortex fan = $200
    co2 = i need a bit of help here? I'm thinking i just need a canister and a regulator? not sure, i need to do more research into this.

    My ideal setup would be a 4
    3x3 Veg tent with a 600w MH
    4x4 Flower tent with a 400w MH and a 600w OR 1000w HPS.

    When the budget allows,
    digital Thermometer/hygrometer
    PH/EC/PPM meter
    possibly a heat/humidity/co2 control panel

    Eventually, I want to maybe include a few bubble buckets in with my organics to increase yield.
    What do you guys think? I'm mainly looking for anything you'd do differently or anything I'm missing. also how much do you think this could yield? i'd like to be able to rotate my plants where i have 1 or 2 each week/or every other to harvest.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. yeah i guess i don't need so much growing advice, as budgeting. I have $400 coming in and I really want to get started ASAP. I want to grow the highest quality possible, so i KNOW $400 is NOT enough to cover it, so I'm trying to figure out if it is enough to get me through the vegetative state.
  3. Are you located in a legal MMJ State? If so you can usually find used stuff on Craigslist.

    If you can invest in a good digital ballast from the beginning you will save some bucks later.

    I am not sure you need rockwool to start if you are growing in soil.

    You could start out with cheap florescent lighting , even if they are the less efficient t12 fixtures. You could likely find some of these used locally for very cheap. They would certainly get you through the first four weeks in veg and then put your money toward a good switchable digital ballast that will run MH and HPS.

    Flowering is really where you need a lot of light.
  4. I don't know what your growing in. Your legal so just put the light up in the middle of the room. Get the light, get your soil, pots, water and start growing. I grow in my closet an for veg I just have the plants under the light doors open. No biggie, nothing fancy.

    Save your money an invest at once.
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    shaaaft- Why? I figure I can keep them in Veg for at least a 6-8 weeks right? then get everything for flowering when I get the other $1000. Wouldn't that be best in terms of harvesting ASAP?

    marsdude- yeah i've looked on craigslist, that's how i came up with the $150 figure. Do you think fluorescents can produce the same exact product as a 400w MH? I honestly thought about getting a T5 fixture for a while but then decided HID was the way to go in terms of real growth. Maybe in the Veg state it's not as noticeable, but can you get the same product? If so, I will definitely have to reconsider..
  6. What I said won't keep you from harvesting asap. It does let you compile an exact list an order at once. Ordering things at once will save you on shipping and let you find the cheapest prices.

    I would recommend something other than fox farm nutes too. They are way overpriced.
  7. How're you planning on getting your fans for so cheap?
  8. But are fox farm nutes worth it? i'll pay top-price if it means easy use and great product. like i said, I'm new to this. eventually, i may want to move up to a more difficult, probably more organic, regimen. I don't mind paying shipping twice if it means I can start Vegging right away and not have to wait 5-8 weeks.

    mars- you also said skip the rock wool.. well i know you are talking go straight to soil, but i was really liking the way rapid rooters look. i think it was rapid rooters, kinda like a plug with little roots poking out. i think that would be my ideal way to go. i can drop it right it soil but i'd rather watch the whole experience. I've transplanted before and have an okay idea what i'm doing.. but idk, you are making me question just dropping it in. is probably the best?

    azgrassman- I'm thinking i can get cheap ones for now then i plan on getting a filter and vortex fan once i go into flower. Will I need to worry about smell too much before then, as long as they're not stinking, i'm thinking there's no way the neighbors will smell? lol idk though!
  9. Research, research, research. All nutes are basically the same thing. I got general hydroponics and they are a fraction of the price an are working great.

  10. Yeah I have been researching nonstop for two weeks before I've dropped a dime. Idky but I feel really good about going the fox farm route :)
  11. Dry nutes will be the cheapest way to go.
  12. I would suggest harnessing the mighty power of craigslist. With a little time and patience, you can grab amazing deals. Some of the things I've nabbed:

    -1000w Sunsystem hood and ballast + brand new Hortilux dual spectrum, 40 bucks and a digital camera worth about 30

    -2 200 GPD RO systems, one an off-brand and the other one a stealth RO, 35 and 40 bucks

    -A 6' canfan for a ridiculous 35 dollars

    -Multiple air/water pumps for 5 each

    -15 bags of hydroton for 5 each

    and those are just recently. A lot of the times you can find someone selling an entire good sized op and just lowball them for everything you need.

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