Need excuse for tiny pupils :X

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  1. Ok, yesterday i blew 6mg of hydromorphone, 40mg of ritalin and smoked a fat bowl. Went home and my mom immediatley noticed my pin prick pupils and got inquisitive. She was asking what i was doing, and saying that i was high, i denied everything. She said i was "wasted" (even though i wasnt :p ) because i left a peice of pizza on the table...
    I know its lame. Now i told her its because i popped 4 ritalin after school because i tried to "catch up" on my dose because i forgot to take them in the morning and at lunch (as i have adhd)
    Now she thinks i was on opiates and i need an excuse, as to why my pupils would be small because she dosent buy the ritalin excuse as she looked it up and ritalin makes your pupils big.
  2. there is no excuse; it's pretty common knowledge that opiates will cause your pupils to constrict. good luck buddy
  3. Bleh, so there are no natural reasons, foods, supplements, that would make your pupils shrink aswell? :S
    Nothing else to pin it on but its bright outside? xD
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    you shouldn't of even said the thing about taking the ritalin after school, you shoulda been like its bright up in here.

    EDIT: Or just say some dude spiked your drink with one you heard a friend talking about that, or someone payed you or dared you and you didn't think anything will happen.
  5. Idk about the spiked drink.
    I could just say that i took some random pill on a dare? :S
    At least i can use a urine swap when i get tested ( which i am )
  6. Don't say random pill, say it was a T3 or something weak, if you say random she'll be like "you stupid".
    Shit man she's dt you?
  7. Proboally. Oh shit, yeah i can say i took two t3's for a headache :D
    Thanks dude, +rep
  8. rofl you fucked up by saying you took the 4 deny it all
  9. No well, i take ritalin everyday, and i was on the spot :p
    She dosent care that much about the ritalin tho
  10. I always say its bright in this bitch, and then turn the lights off to prove a point.
  11. Has your mom not already called you out on being high? Like, you already tried to blame it on the ritalin.. She's just gonna believe you when you finally come up with an excuse 3 hours later? Lol, or is this just reference for next time...?
  12. Even if its an excuse/point to bring up later, he can just be like I didn't want to tell you cause I realized it was soo dumb or some sshit.
  13. Yeah, im gonna say that i took two t3's a friend gave me for a head ache, and forgot or something. I will say i didnt think it counted as a drug, because she was asking me what i was on. I can work it to work. :p
  14. I literally didn't see daylight for like 2 weeks and went to my psychiatrist tired as shit she said I was high on opiates and that my pupils were more than enough proof...

    that bitches room was so damn bright i was squinting.

    but yeah, you really aren't going to find a good excuse that people will believe... just :cool:
  15. Give her the T3 excuse, say you forgot you took them. I think it will work. Although there is quite a difference between the eyes of someone high on hydromorphone, ritalin and weed compared to the eyes of someone who ate a few T3s.
  16. Yeah it was scary how tiny they were :(
    i couldnt really see them.

    And when i drank a glass of milk i just threw it up everywhere, then i tried to drink another one later, and threw it up again LOL. Water was fine though, wtf?!
  17. Well normal milk has a lot of shit from the hormones and such they feed the cows... I know I can't even have a bowl of cereal with regular milk without having stomach problems... shouldnt went organic :p
  18. Oh, oh, oh! I know.

    Stay away from opiates :D
  19. No like, as soon as i downed it it was back out in the sink lol.

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