Need ear gauging/stretching help!!!!

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  1. okay, so i gauged my ears two days ago for the first time, and they aren't infected, and i was talking to some friends of mine who were saying this was pretty normal but i want to be extra careful. is it normal for there to be a little bit of white blood cell fluid afterwards, kind've like puss, but not from an infection. please let me know!!!
    they aren't hurting and seem to be healing up fine.
  2. if it doesn't appear infected or painful and red and swollen at any areas, then a little secretion is ok. just keep it clean.
  3. i have been cleaning it daily
    thanks for the response:wave:
  4. Dont ever call it gauging, that is incorrect.. It is called stretching. And the white shit is pretty normal, it will build up on your jewelry so make sure you clean it. Dont stretch to fast or you will fuck up your ears. What size are you at now ?
  5. yeah i know calling it gauging thats why i put both terms because its a common misconception to call it gauging, but im at a 12
  6. i have my ears stretched to 1-1/8" my septum stretched to a 12 and my nostril at a 16 and i can tell you that its perfectly normal, but wait at least 3 weeks between stretches
  7. Everyone here calls it gauging :confused: I've never heard it called "stretching" that just sounds lame lol.
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    Gauging is in fact, used by posers and/or noobs; they just don't know any better. :p Lol. I'm sorry but the correct term is stretching. And you refer to the piercing as "plugs". Gauging are the measurements, not the piercing itself.

    :p;):D You're welcome.

    EDIT: Also, when you get to a certain size that is big enough, you can also wear flesh tunnels, instead of plugs.

    bone flesh tunnels:

    jade plugs:
  9. "gauging" isnt correct termonology, a gauge is a form of measurement such as inch or milimeter or whatever, thus stretching is called stretching.

  10. Wow guess all my friends are posers and noobs :rolleyes:

    I'm not even into piercings or tattoos, I think that whole scene is retarded.
  11. well we all think your retarded, get educated before you become the "expert" bro

  12. Why would I want to become educated about body mods? :confused:

    I never said I was an "expert bro", chill mang.
  13. Hey.

    They're your friends. :p

    I'm not one to judge, but like I said.. they just don't know any better. I think this is the perfect opportunity for you to school your friends, and make them think you're smart?

    Hey, maybe you'll even begin a new trend, where you call "gauges", stretching? [​IMG]


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