Need direction with my hydro set up

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  1. This is the system i will be using SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Bucketeer DWC Kit

    my main goal is to have 1-2 mother plants take cuttings and transplant them to this above set up... lighting using CFLS... im making a DIY chiller/fogger. when i order seeds i will just start seedlings in the above system while starting mother plants to be ready once these first seedlings are harvested.

    Heres the deal i been reading i need someone who has experience break down or point me in the direction where i can learn how to grow weed in hydro. it being my first grow with hydroponics i chose this SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Bucketeer DWC Kit. any suggestions or anybody wanna break down the cycle IE

    1.How often will i need to change out solution/nutrients?
    2. will their be alot of cleaning
    3. is it as easy as add the right solution check the ph steadily and wahlah? lol

    i would love if one of the vet members or experienced guys take time to help me personally.. i love learning text book style and am definitly smart enough to grow weed with the above system as long as i have the information..

    so guys add me as a friend and i will def have pix and journal once it gets going till than i need to learn about the system i will be using and what to expect...:hello:
  2. Hey there!

    I have done one of these so i'll try to answer your questions.

    I'd say to change the reservoir once a week.

    I always rinsed mine out each time with really hot water. and wiped off any residue in the bucket. You shouldn't have any problems with algea in that system. I did because i use a selfmade drip sysem with it with clear tubes.

    I wouldn't get your hopes too high pn your first grow.
    Just hop in there, try it out, make some mistakes, cry a little ;) jk.

    Keep an eye on that ph, you will need to check it about every hour for first few hours after you change nutes/reservoir. That hydroton you are using messes with the ph a bit. in hydro you want to keep it at 5.2-5.8 i ride the 5.8 line as much as i can. If yo uaer using tap water you are gonna need let it set for 24 hours before you change it. if you don't you will have to pay closer attention to ph. As sediments and things settle in your tap water the ph fluctuates. You can do it its just more work and potentially nore problems. lockout of nutrients due to too much of somthing in your pipes.

    You have overcome the hardest part so far, deciding to grow!

    Good luck friend

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