need direction in life. army?

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  1. so after a few unmetionables and of course, a bit of my favorite herb, i kinda zoned out listening to some tunes and started thinking about my life. i realized ive been really fucked up in this life. and i know you only get one and i wanted to fix it. so ive been thinking about how ive felt all day and thinking about the things i need and then i went to school and saw a table set up with soldiers from giving out info about the marines.
    i didnt approach the table but it did make an impression and ive been thinking about it all day. they always say that if you dont know what you want in life or need a direction and stuff like that, you should join the army. im already a proficient shot with a rifle and handgun, and im pretty smart. im courageous and i stick up for what i believe is right and just.
    i always sucked at school because i just cant handle the feeling that im wasting time, i cant sit still, and i cant pay attention. so from this, ive always known that i needed an exciting career. so i thinking about the army.
    have any of you guys served in the forces? was it a good thing for you or a bad thing?

    i think im gonna see a recruiter this weekend
  2. Do you have a general idea of what you are wanting to do?

    If you want a job after service - try not to be a grunt. Learn a specialized skill/trait.

    Talk to a recruiter. he will lead you in the right direction if you are serious
  3. The army isn't necessarily exciting. It is mostly really fucking boring. And with the war in Afghanistan winding down, you'd be unlikely to see any sort of combat deployment by the time you finished your training. If you're looking for discipline, the service will give it to you, but you should remember that the military molds you into what they want you to be. You don't get a say.
  4. afghanistan is winding down yea but korea is heating up so idk

  5. god i hope i don't get called back in for that shit

    chair force so maybe not.
  6. First off, Marines are not soldiers, they're Marines. And they're not in the Army, they're in the Marine Corps.

    That shit irritates me, sorry.

    The Military fucking sucks now. Every single tradition is going away. Hazing is prohibited now (although it still happens, just not as much).

    Basically, just imagine high school. Now, take away all the drugs. And the fun, take that away. Add a possibility of death or injury. You now have the Military.

    It's so pussied down now, it's ridiculous. It's like someone is constantly holding my hand telling me what to do. I joined to get away from the path I was going down, now I wish I would've just stayed.

    Edit: oh, and recruiting offices are usually closed on weekends lol
  7. you are bored in school so your alternative is the marine corps? i would think hard about that

  8. i mean i have no hope of college, at all. and im living up to be a disappointment to my family. i feel like i have no control in my life and i think the army would give me a job first off, possibly a career, discipline, and it will keep me out of trouble for the next few years at least. right now i have nothing to work towards and when i dont have anything to work towards i end up just fucking up. and life sucks, but at least in the military i would be doing something with mine

    its not like that. im just incapable of doing that sort of work. ive done landscaping and contstuction and worked at a shoe store. i could actually manage the landscaping and construction but i quit the shoe store because i couldnt handle it. and ive thought enough about other options that i think this is the one that makes the most sense to me. ive thought about being a firemen, and a cop, and tons of other careers but i dont want to be a cop and idk how i feel about being a firemen fresh out of school.
  9. I wanna join the military too, but when I was 19 I was called in for an interview and a bunch of tests (mandatory here) and was found too mentally fucked to join :( and now I can't give it another try, even though I've been doing a lot better since I started smoking.

    I'd say go for it, could give you a chance to grow immensely as a person and make you appreciate life more (presuming you'll get to keep it).

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