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  1. My plants have developed this brown spot over the past week. Appears to be worse on the lower branches but moving to entire plant.
    My first grow and think I may have over fertilized with:
    Fish emulsion: 5-0-0 and 4-6-2
    Too much Bone and Blood meal??

    My ph seems to be 6.1-6.9 (cheap tester)

    I have flushed the soil with clean water for two days and also added epsom salt for possible magnesium deficiency.
    Please help

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  2. Looks okay to me, does not look like over fert to me i do see a couple leaf tips that indicate some heat but minimal at best, plants have a lower/older leaf die off not much light makes it to them anymore, its real slow die off unlike when you are having a ph issue etc. The tips of old leaves turn yellow/brown then it slowly takes the entire leaf part of the process
  3. What about all the brown spots?
  4. Hey man,
    First of all i would advise you:
    With organics, please just give it plain water instaid of introducing acids that kill yr microbes ! The microbes themself feed on sugars, fish and bone etc and then convert it to useable nutes for the plant... they also maintain a stable ph by themselves if using the right combinations of nutes/soil... when introducing the ph down (acids) to try and adjust the ph like soilless, these acids will kill the soil microbes, and without them your plant will start to miss all sorts of nutrients and show many deficiency's. + your roots will lockout due to the buildup of bionutes
  5. Great advice. First grow and this is much more involved than expected. I purchased some microbes to add with water

    So for the spots that started low but increasing to all areas. What to do?
  6. Old growth dies off all throughout the life of the plant. As plant grows upward and out, this shades out light from reaching the lower leaves and they die off. To determine whether you have something bad going on, we generally look to new growth. Not everything works that way, but most issues that are threatening to your plant show up on new growth. Take the time to read up about the plant, how it grows, what it needs nutritionally throughout it's life, etc Remember this....nutes are nothing more than plant food. LIGHT is the element that forces the plant to grow and develop out and create big fat dense buds. Too many people put way too much emphasis on nutes when it's actually LIGHT that does the job. The more you know and understand about the plant and how to grow it, the better outcome you'll have. And yes, it's a bit more complicated than one would initially believe. LOL Best of luck and happy growing! TWW
  7. Thanks much I have been trying to read up since starting. This issue just popped up and is affecting the entire plant now. Even the new growth and areas that receive the most light. The spots are now through out the plant

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