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  1. This is my first time attempting to grow anything so bare with me, i have read up alot on this forum but i dont know exactly whats wrong with it. My buddy had 2 clones growing in 1 8" pot, he decided to put them in two different pots and gave me one of them. it was just transplanted yesterday, and it was also the weaker of the two. the tips of the leaves on the lower brances are a bit yellow and are curling downward. From this i believe its a PH problem but i am not absolutely sure this is why i came to the forum to ask for your help. I did go out and buy a Ph, light, and water meter (3 way meter) from OSH and it says the ph is about 7 which i know is high, but i dont know if i have any other problems that that, please inform me on whats happening with my plant, if you need more pictures just let me know. Thanks for the help [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. So the PH is 7? What soil are you using? If it's anything already containing fertilizers(Miracle Grow, Scotts plus Oscomote, etc.) your clones are probably experiencing fertilizer burn.

    Provide some information about the soil and your growing environment so people can assist you. Hopefully someone with more experience will reply soon.

    Good luck.
  3. I do not know what kind of soil he had been using but i bought an all natural potting soil with no fertalizers added called whitmans potting soil and i bought perliter also, about a 70/30 mix, the pot is about 12" wide and 13" or so deep. I also forgot to mention the previous "owner" didnt keep it in direct light with a screen over it. which i think is wrong cause all i hear is the more light the better. The temperature here has recently been in the upper 80's so i dont think its too hot to keep them in direct light, am i right? And also, as i mentioned mine was the weaker of the two, he also had 3 other seperate pots with one each in them, and they seemed to be growing normally (Leaves not curling or yellowing), so i dont know if it would be from fertilization burn. thanks for the help please reply
  4. anyone anything?
  5. Plant actually does not look that bad. Your soil ph is probably fine. My guess is the plant needs a little feeding and to recover from the transplant. If the plant has not been fed yet or not been fed in over two weeks, go ahead and feed it now. Oh and go ahead and give it as much direct sunlight as you can get it.
  6. thanks, i appreciate the help, we'll see how things go
  7. ok so i went and checked on my plant today, second day in direct sunlight, and the whole plant just seems to be drooping. I checked the moisture in the soid with the meter and it said it was still moist so i dont know what could be causing this. is it going into shock because of the direct sunlight? Whats happening, someone help.
  8. What is the temperature range out there?
    Any more picks?
  9. its in the high 80's(around 87-89) sunset is a little before8 o' clock. good news is that the leaves arent yellow anymore, i bought some granulated sulfer to adjust the ph and i think it worked. Bad news is that the plant looks even more droopy compared to when i saw it this morning so i dont even know whats going wrong anymore. I appreciate all the help, if anyone has any more info that could help me that would be great
  10. Hmm. Do you know what strain it is? Maybe it is an indoor strain and is getting stressed outside. 89 degrees is starting to get a bit hot. Again, usually droop is from over or under watering but, I have also seen extreme temperatures cause droop. Other than that I don't know what is going on. Maybe someone will come along who knows.
  11. let it go man, things dont happen overnight. after 3 days if they have no stiffened up, then you have some sort of problem, and alot of stress tends to lead to males fyi.

    - Vince

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