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  1. Hey guys im new to indoors im using a 600 watt mars hydro led grow light. My grow tent is 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m currently have the light hanging at 26 inches. PH is 5.8. Humidity is 46
    % growing in coco. Feed every 2nd or 3rd day using house and garden hydro a and b at half reccomended dose so 95ml of a and 95 ml of b per litre. Temp is 24 degrees in tent. Have no idea why my plant is growing so slow its been 4 weeks n should be bigger. Believe it or not these 2 are exactly the same age. I probably trnsplanted wsy too early but we all make mistakes

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  2. Sorry light cycle is 19/5
  3. Did you pre-charge your coco? Do you feed to run off? What's the pH of your run off? Even though coco will hold 30% oxygen when saturated, perlite added to the mix will increase the oxygen to the roots and the plant will grow faster.
    4 weeks old from sprout.
    4 weeks.JPG

  4. Hey yeah i flushed the coco for a good 30 mins at ph of 6... i feed to run off it only changes to anywhere from 5.8 to 6. Wow yours are supercharged compared to mine... my strain is unknown its just bag seed but looks indica dominant
  5. Flushing is not pre-charging. Did you pre-charge your coco with nutes?

  6. Yeah sorry i did first sat it in water then soaked in in quarter strength nutrients
  7. Just with part a and b
  8. At ph 5.8 and 95ml per litre

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