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Need current Info on passing drug test.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DaniBlaze, May 11, 2012.

  1. I've read more forums and articles on all the different ways to pass a drug test but they are all pretty outdated and I want to know if the info is the same. are synthetics like quick fix still widely successful with a basic drug test? or are they able to test for them now? I bought the quick fix plus and have a test tomorrow. I also have a friend who is clean and i figure if the synthetic is too risky i could replace it with her clean urine...thanks!:wave:
  2. Dude just drink hella water it has never let me down and I get random pisstest all the time!

  3. Sorry if i seem skeptical but if it were that easy i dont think people would waste money on alternative methods right?
  4. Ill send ya my piss, haven't had any drugs (besides a fuckton of coffee) for about a month and a half.. Bloody bummer it is, but I guess making a wee bit of money off it wont be that bad.. less weird than asking someone ya know..

    I'm joking mods... sheesh

  5. lol thanks for the offer but i know my friend is clean she wouldnt risk me not getting the job just to lie to me....thanks anyway lol nice of u to offer
  6. What if I had the guts to quit my job.
  7. [quote name='"john9"']What if I had the guts to quit my job.[/quote]

  8. Listen I have passed many piss tests just by drinking water until u piss clear.

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