Need Creative Ideas

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by terrapinstation, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. So me and a friend just dropped 2 hits of white fluff. Supposedly you should take half the dose because it is so intense, but i guess well find out.

    I wanna here what things you guys like to do while tripping.
  2. my favorite thing to do is watch the sky, or play with glowsticks or a lighter in the dark.
  3. draw, music, video games, internet
  4. play with water (swimming, shower, drink it, just splashing it around, ect.)

    water is the best thing when you trip!
  5. watching trees blow in the wind
  6. I normally like to do something creative, it's chill to turn on some reggae or some electronica and draw, I have a couple favorite movies to watch as well, maybe play some music.
  7. i had some white fluff awhile back, only took 1 hit, and it was definitely the best acid i've ever had

    and then i snorted some 2c-e with it and wow-e as toki wartooth would say

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