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  1. ok, so im starting a indoor grow, with space the size of a normal box where u put ur junk inside it. sizewise, please look at the link, i will be doing something similar to BKKG's revised design. given that, i did sum research on lights and decided to use four of them, two blue and two reds.

    As for the blue lights im going to get something around 6500k (23w) cfls.
    For my red lights im looking at something like 2700k, and probably a tube lighting.
    ima use these lights both at the same time and see how it goies.

    So this is my plan, please let me know if i missed anything that will affect the outcome, but if this seems to be an alright setup please tell me also becasue then ill go shopping and get this whole hting moving tonight..... thanks in advance!
  2. That's the kind of detail that really allows us to help you. :rolleyes:

    Get a tape measure please.
  3. Ventilation is Important to healthy growing . make sure you have an exhaust fan and some holes for air intake in your box. Also be sure to line the inside of your box with something that will block the light. As you can see below, without lining the box, it looks like the Tommyknockers have set up shop in there. I'm using some foil-on-foam insulation sheeting called R-Max that I got at the depot. It is easy to lay out and cut to size and does a really good job of reflecting the light inside the box while preventing it from shining through.

    In this picture the top already has been lined with the R-Max stuff and the bottom is just plain ol' Rubbermaid.
    Note the exhaust fan stuck on the left side of the top half of my growth chamber.

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