Need clones!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NorthernLites, May 23, 2006.

  1. I need clones :) Anyone wanna go for a coffeee ? Oh how i wish i had seeds that actually worked!!
  2. Buy seeds from a seedbank. I got 10 seeds for $28shipped (to the u.s) from . How long do you wait for your seeds to germinate?
  3. Its illegal to buy seeds in the usa though.
  4. OK guys...

    NorthernLites, no hook-ups here. Don't say you're looking for clones and then wanna meet someone, even if you're joking.

    Zmatra, true it's illegal. But if you're gonna grow then you're already over that line.

    Bagz, no need for details on stealth shipping here. Always assume Customs is reading this forum. Knowing they came stealth is good, telling everyone how they were packaged is not helpful. I suggest you edit your post to remove that detail.
  5. I dont see why you would want to atract attention to your growing by buying seeds unless you cant get any from bag seed then its worth the risk.
  6. maybe becuase if your taking a risk already you might as well let the befefit outweigh the risk by growing something worthwhile, i.e. seeds obtained from a seedbank with proven excellent product.
  7. Thanks Bagz. You didn't need to delete the whole message, just the part about ____________. That works though. Keep the stealth stealthy!
  8. Lol No problem.
  9. sheesh sorry.... :(

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