Need Cheep Charcole Filter Links?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by {CT} PotMacGyve, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Hey there.... my friend is growing some white widdow plants and has about 8 of them going right now theyr around 19 inches tall right now and hes started flowering around 2 weeks ago......... well they fucking stink like nothing else and its getting to be a pretty big problem... hes got his whole setup in his closet but he has the ventilation down to a tight seal and it vents through a hole in the top of the door..... I told him he should put a charcole filter on it because theyr quite good but i was wondering if anyone knew of where to get them and where to get them cheep is also a big deal too... any help is much appricieated thank you all very much.. ;-)
  2. HIGH All, here is a link from cobaltrod. It's cheap to make and it works.
  3. HIGH All, yes that'll do....hope you get this together and rid your room of that gorgous smell.
  4. LOL no shit man if i could id get a bgger fan to throw that funky sweet funk around the whole damn house..... cept 3 hours later id have to answer the the fat cock suckking man in a blue uniform at my front door

    "Fuck, fuk fuck tha police" - Jay
    "............................." - Bob

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