Need car suggestions.

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  1. M3s are fun....if you know how to do your own maintainance (not just oil changes)

    and now-a-days you can find E36 M3s less than 100k miles for below 10k

    now the problem, is maintainence and parts, as they are high performance cars, they are built to perform, not last.

    If you are looking at an E36 M3 or any E36 for that matter #1 has the cooling system been replaced (HUGE PROBLEMS)

    how is the suspension IE trailing arm bushings control arm bushings, how is the rear about the rear shock towers (E36 M3s especially as they have a chance of ripping through the trunk)

    with any car, and especially bimmers dont spend all of your money on the car, save some for repairs and routine maintanence
  2. I really like the older m3s but the rear suspension blowing a hole in the trunk sounds like a little more than a small problem. And my dad and i have been working on cars since i was 8 so i pretty much swap everything you can do in a garage. like just last week we swapped out the breaks on my moms clk no problem.
  3. its only a big problem when it happens, if you re-enforce the rear shock towers before hand (100 bucks) its totally fine.

    the key with BMWs is to fix stuff before it goes wrong, otherwise your wallet will definently be hurting
  4. What about the transmissions? I heard that they tend to self destruct after 100k miles. And also the impala might be a real possibility my dads buddy just rebuilt a 92 ss and hes looking to sell
  5. [quote name='Devoke']You sir are a retard. The one people who "laugh" at fwd cars are stupid highschoolers with their racing/drifting super vtec powered 1000 hp hondas. Good job basing a few thousand $ decision on the opinions of the lower end of society. Nothing wrong with fwd, unless its going into Focus RS territory with its unnecessary hp figures, but even then they have still nearly negated most torque steer in modern cars.[/QUOTE

    Iv'e had a civic there good cars. But i really like rwd cars being able to apply power while exiting a curb without extreme understeer is definitely a great trait to have. Also not to mention weight distribution. For example my civic was stock except for breaks and rims and when i would break for a curve the nose would dive and the back would fishtale and before you tell me i can't drive i could take the same corner twice as fast in a 5000 pound s class that wasn't built by the same people who make generators and leaf blowers. And by the way if you can afford the mods to make a car with that much power you shouldn't need the driving assists that prevent that from happening.
  6. Big fuckin cummins diesel dodge like mine.

    Used to have a vw Jetta1.8 turbo. Hauled ass cornered well insurance was low.

  7. Furry muff. Least you sound like you have some driving experience and arent a complete retard. I just hate the general public who write off fwd because they saw fast and the furious and think they are drift racers.

    Im a bit confused by this bit tho - "when i would break for a curve the nose would dive and the back would fishtale". Thats how fwd cars are supposed to be driven hard man. Get the back end to swing around a corner and just full power on with the throttle to have the front wheels pull it back into shape for the exit.

    Oh, and fuck driving assists! Thats why I race oldschool pork, its all down to driver skill rather than the computer doing it all for you.

  8. my mom has one of these. i wouldnt call it sporty but its pretty nice
  9. dood get a scion tc its fun to drive, great fuel economy, very reliable, appealing to the eye, and its got alot of cool features like 2 sunroofs (the whole roof is glass it looks sick) rear seats recline and have alot of legroom.
    I have the 5 speed version i would highly recomend it, shifts really smooth, smooth clutch... its just a great car btw i have the 05 but they are prety much all the same u can get them around 9 if u look around.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions I'm not an expert in cars but i like racing anyway.

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