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  1. Ok guys so recently my civic gave up the ghost while driving down the interstate the other day and im thinking it would be easier to get a new car.
    I'm taking out a 7,000 $ loan from the bank where my mom works and have 2g saved up to spend. So my question is what can i get thats kinda sporty for around 7-8g( i want money left over to add parts or to fix existing ones) I was looking at a merc 230 kompressor but i need other suggestions incase that doesn't work out thanks for the help! :wave:
  2. My advice is to go to a police auction.
  3. A Ford Pinto. bishes love it :cool:
  4. are you looking to hold at least 4 people in it, awd, fwd or rwd? Just some suggestions: sc300/400, wrx, 240sx (s14), 99-00 civic si, rsx type s, golf gti, just some i could think off the top of my head. Give us more specifics and we'd probably be more help haha.
  5. Get a vehicle that requires PHYSICS to run, like a bike with 21 speeds.
    It can go uphill like nothing, and downhill like a cr*ck rabbit.
    Plus, the only thing you need to do to it is make sure you get two of them; one for the first time you bust through the bearings and a second one for the first one's tragic death.

    I have monster muscles in my legs for such technology.:smoke:
  6. I was thinking rwd i was looking at older civics but fwd is to me is just like a good way to get laughed at. I really wanted a rx-7 but insurance on that would be way too expensive for me i thought about a gold of sorts but once again fwd isn't my cup of tea.
  7. And also if you get re ended in a pinto you might just blow up because of the gas tank being about an inch from the rear bumper.
  8. a 94'-96' impala SS
  9. good suggestion but i also looked at a couple 90's m3s and they looked pretty drivable aswell but the impala would be cool if you could find one thats been taken care of.
  10. ive seen a couple around here. only one i would own is a purple impala SS. tinted windows with the stock SS wheels on it, and a nice exhaust. and good stereo. and your set. its a cruiser to me. :cool: M3's are nice as well. a little pricey though. but well worth the cash.
  11. haha keep it g

  12. Lincoln LS? Lexus IS 300?
  13. benz's are garbage and bmw are high maint as well go with honda , acura, toyota, lexus if you want low maint cost stay away for anything american after 1970's except for mustangs or camero's. I used to own a shop and a car dealer as well jfyi peace.
  14. You could prob get a decent volvo s60 for that amount.
  15. used vw gti cost in and around that range, its fwd but with an ecu upgrade you'll be in heaven.
  16. I understand the idea of the Impala SS, and the speed of it. But seriously, not only are they ugly but I don't think sipping fuel is really their best quality. I see them as boats on wheels with a fast engine, not sporty to me.

    for 7 to 8 you can get a lot of different cars. You can get newer econo boxes for cheap or older (early 2000s) lux cars for the same price. The latter are normally in better quality.

    My choices
    Volkswagen (just get either the 2.0 T or the 1.8T, the 2.5 is a decent engine but turbos are waaaay fun to drive.
    Audi (I'd kill for a B5 S4 or a B6 A4)
    BMW (3 series, 5 series, both good cars, 7 is just to big)
    Dodge/Chrysler (Charger or 300c, really good cars)
    Lexus (IS300 GS300)

    Those are the cars I'd look at, I really wanna get a 3series Hatchback. Black on black with a 5 speed manual, to bad that's pretty much impossible to find.
  17. Dude gold mk4 gti with wastegate valve and a catback would sound sick.
  18. Mazda Protege5. great car, good on fuel, fun to drive, cheap to insure and buy, and it can seat 5 people with moderate comfortability. Nice big trunk too

  19. You sir are a retard. The one people who "laugh" at fwd cars are stupid highschoolers with their racing/drifting super vtec powered 1000 hp hondas. Good job basing a few thousand $ decision on the opinions of the lower end of society. Nothing wrong with fwd, unless its going into Focus RS territory with its unnecessary hp figures, but even then they have still nearly negated most torque steer in modern cars.
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    I have a 2007 ford fusion. I love it. If ford fusions are in your price range, check them out. They are roomy and get very good gas milage. consumer reports gave them 5 stars and they are the most reliable cars on the road. My fusion has 55k miles and all I have done so far is change the tires and the oil. It's a stick shift and the clutch still works as well as it did when it was new.

    I'm probably going to buy the 2011 AWD sport model when they are 4 years old. I did the math one day and at 4 years old you're going to get the most bang for your buck with cars.

    Consumer reports is probably the best place to look to get the most accurate rating (it's not opinionated - The rating comes from scoring rules that are the same for all cars) on the value of a car.

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