Need bud money? Make $$ on your computer answering text messages![NOT SPAM]

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. So on another forum I visit( the recent craze has been this website A easy money making opportunity.

    Basically, anyone can text a question to 242242(chacha), 100% free, and it sends the question to a real person(a Guide) who looks up the answer online and sends you the answer back in the form of a text. Pretty simple, most questions are answered quick by google searches.

    The job is becoming a guide and answering people's questions.You get paid 20 cents per search. This comes out to 6-10$ per hour depending how fast you are.

    Decent way to make a little extra money on the side. I have made close to $50 myself and I don't go on very much.

    go to and you should be all set by clicking on the bottom right "become a guide"

    This is a legit company, not spam. You can see the article on CNN about it here :

    First you sign up, then are allowed to take 3 tests, one knowledge, one typing and one other one. Then one more test and you can become a guide if you pass.

    When you sign up please use my email to join my team, dpaine[at] obviously with the @ sign but for spam purposes.

    If you need help with the tests, I will be glad to help. Just PM or AIM me.

    Again, I know many people who have gotten paid and it IS NOT A SCAM.
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  2. seems like it would take forever to make any real money

    how much did u make in a day?
  3. I just started using it myself. Its not a full time job by any means.

    But hey, if im sitting watching tv, surfing forums or on AIM, why not make a couple extra bucks while I'm at it?
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  4. Awesome. im gonna sign up. Did you write a whole paragraph for that "why you would be a good guide" crap?
  5. Nahhh, you dont need a whole lot for that. Thats just pre-lim shit.

    Then you take 3 pretty easy tests, i got 100's on 2 of them and a 92 on the typing test. Just take your time and you will be fine.

    Then in a day or two they should send you an email saying you can take the simulater test where you answer 15 questions as if they are real. Then they either deny or accept you depending on how well you did on that.

    if you need any help, you can IM me on AIM.
  6. post back here when you get your check and let us know how the overall experience was up into the first paycheck?

    im always on the laptop this could be easy pocket change
  7. Only for U.S residents, LAME.
  8. are they questions like how many grams in an oz, how many ozs in a pound?

    if so, im down
  9. I think its pretty solid. Like I said I heard about it online through which the Misc. secion is even wayyyy more active on general on here.

    Payment is a little different than a check.

    First, most people do the Pay me Now method. In which you sign up for an account with the First Internet Bank of Indiana and fax them a signature request. Then they send you a debit card to use. Then you can simply transfer the money from your account on onto the debit card.

    or, you do a monthly direct deposit into your bank account if you total $100 or more.

    If you want to read some more opinions check out this thread:
  10. Oh yeah haha, its whatever people want to ask. So I've gotten some pretty easy questions and cool ones like " why is salvia legal" " does marijuana make you stupid" etc:smoke:
  11. I could most definitely use some extra money while I still don't have a job...and since I have nothing better to do I spend a lot of time on my computer. sounds great to me. We'll see how it turns out.
  12. Sounds good but have you gotten any moneys yet?
  13. Def. will check it out bro..thanks for the heads up
  14. Sounds like an easy way to earn some grub money!

    Way to rep thats definitely one of my favorite sites, a must have for the nutrition/exercise enthusiast!
  15. I'm surprised it took someone this long to post about. I was a guide on there when the site was first put up, before they had that old cell phone thing. After the cell phone thing started happening the lowered pay by a decent amount, so I stopped. The guy who made it lives in my city, that's the only reason I had heard about it.
  16. Thanks man, I'll try this out. I already don't do shit at my current job but browse the internet! haha.
  17. me too, pretty shocked no one posted about it either!

    Oh and when you sign up for your referral make sure you put down. Thanks:)

    Hope this works out for us.

    Oh and hell yeah, is the shit:D
  18. Bizzumppp

    made $3 yeahhhh
  19. Bump:)

    Startin to make some good money on this now thast I got the hang of it.
  20. Gonna do the testing soon.......

    But my cell ohone is off right now... should I go ahead and do the testing or should I wait until I get my phone turned back on...

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