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Need ASAP help! Writing a research paper on pot

Discussion in 'General' started by gardenfresh, May 28, 2009.

  1. heyyyy ok. i am super desperate for some assistance.

    im writing a short research paper on how the marijuana lifestyle and masculinity. my argument is that cannabis has given rise to an alternate subculture that strays away from "stereotypical societal expectations" as far as what defines "manliness" in society.

    hope that made sense.

    ANYWAYS. my question/request/favor to you guys is this.... i need to somehow find a source that talks about how the cannabis lifestyle is associated with males moreso than females. i don't wanna upset any ladies out there in grasscity, i love you all. just my paper is about men and masculinity.

    so do you guys have anything (even just a reputable source of stats can help) that helps me prove that the lifestyle is more associated with guys, rather than girls?

    thank you in advance for getting this far, and you guys know mad +rep for all who help... that should go unsaid.
  2. The point of a research paper is to find information and research them yourself.
  3. lol sorry, but I do not agree with your thesis and maybe that is why you are having a hard time finding research. Maybe you need to change your thesis, I know i`m a girl but I seriously do not think weed is more associated with males. I mean I know so many women that can blaze even more than males, maybe you should change your thesis to how popular marijuana has become in this day and age it even has created a sub-culture.
    I don`t want to seem like I`m being a feminist, but ya you should get your facts right first before you make a thesis. Seems like your thesis is a statement rather than an actual fact.
    Hope this helps somewhat.
    Chronic-B :smoking:
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    i know dude, it's not like im asking you to write my paper for me. ive done 95% of it. this is just the only hole in my paper. thank you for your honesty though.
  5. i totally respect that, 100%. i'm not trying to downplay female potheads... love you guys :wave:, don't mean to offend.
  6. hehe i figured you weren`t trying to offend :D
    hope all goes well with the research, if you need anymore help just msg me...lets just say i`ve done my fair share of papers, i`m currently in university right now studying law so just hit me up if you want help :wave:
  7. So you are trying to argue that marijuana decreases typical masculine behaviors?
    That shouldnt be too hard, the entire hippy movement is pretty far from masculine.

    Furthermore it may be interesting to note that while getting high may make somebody more "community driven" and less masculine, The drug dealing subculture has forced marijuana into a stronger masculine role as gangs resort to violence to gain power. (lots of 'social' anthropology research bout drugs and gangs)

    And at the end of your post you ask for research showing that males use it more, which i dont think even applies to above. You dont need to show men use it more, just how it affects them

  8. im more arguing that smoking marijuana offers an alternative way for men to be masculine, in the context of subculture. where one view of masculinity could be a strong fit man that gets lots of girls and takes lots of risks, the weed spectrum has aspects of masculinity that are opposites... such as some deem it masculine to be able to handle large amounts of weed, or take big hits, or own the biggest bong, etc.

    more of an analysis of the heirarchy of masculinity among weed smokers.

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