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Need answers!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BradyG2897, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. What does it feel like being high? Good detail would be helpful!
  2. well first it creeps up on ya, then visuals start coming in and you see tracers. then as it gets more intense you start getting an orgasmic feeling thats kinda out of this world. it slowly comes down and when your done grab a sock and clean off your stomache
  3. Not exactly how I imagined it but ok!
  4. Smoke some and find out man!
  5. Lol thanks for that advice hahaha
  6. Lol don't listen to DTM for a definite opinion, because it sounds like hes trolling you. Although it is kind of different for everyone.. Basicly what i feel is my senses feel dulled, my body feels more relaxed and i can sit and zone out , lost in thought. You can notice your eyes tingling or your body slightly tingling or your eyes getting heavy and you know your high.

    It's very hard to explain what it feels like, i gave you a very brief explanation, i can't describe it well enough with words, its not like some crazy thing where you see and hear things. You cannot hallucinate off of bud alone, as far as im aware of. But you can have some audio hallucinations mostly due to zoning in and out and not paying attention
  7. Yea I kind of figured that lol. Thanks though man Im just anxious to see what it feels like :)
  8. you learn to understand what the phrase "becoming one with your surroundings" means.

  9. This pretty much sums it up i do disagree with one thing me and most of my friends say our senses are actually better. When im stoned i can hear a lighter start up from three rooms away and my taste.....its on steroids lol also you feel very happy and euphoric just give it a shot. :smoking:
  10. Thats true, i can't believe i forgot the food! lol. Food while high is like 10x better and well sometimes my senses feel sharper and sometimes dulled.. Like if i smoked a few good bong bowls and im couchlocked and can barly move my face then im pretty slow..
  11. It's completely different for everybody and will also depend on your familiarity with weed, what strain it is, and what setting you are in.

    The first thing I notice is my head feels heavier, I can "feel" my eyes (like how you can always feel the inside of your mouth) and music and sound seems to have more importance and nuance (you will hear music more vividly). Everything after that pretty much depends on other factors.
  12. just remember too much of anything is a bad thing. take a few hits and wait 20 min. if you want to get higher take a few more. Rinse and repeat
  13. It depends on the person really, but when you smoke weed a slight buzzing starts to happen 3-5 minutes. At around 10 minutes you will be rising to the "high." Things seem more interesting, a big vibration is going throughout your body, and your senses are heightened slightly. Your heart may start to beat fast and it's very common. Don't panic about it. Your eyes also get red because THC is a vein dilator, meaning your blood veins expand. You will also start to perceive things a lot differently, and you might have trouble putting together sentences. But you feel very lifted in emotions and bodily pleasure. As you come down you will keep that same buzz from the first 3-5 minutes. That will last quite some time after you smoke but the lifted emotions will subside after a couple hours.

    Hope this is an accurate description according to other tokers :smoke:
  14. Yeah like everyone is saying it depends on you and the weed. Some weed and you get lost in your head I start day dreaming with headies and it's a lot more vivid.

    Some strains make you feel relaxed but kinda energized at the same time. I can't remember having a bad high. Worst that happens is you fall asleep and your buddies draw on you lol.

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