need answers plz- not a rookie but its my first outdoor grow

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tree house, May 28, 2009.

  1. ok no pics because my camera is broken- pics are in outdoor grow journals under mixed bag seeds/ out door grow------ anyways i just this week transplanted into new soil- so i expected a huge boom in growth witch i am seeing- i watered the lil ones after the transplant because soil was dry- and for the last 2 -3 days it has raind... i havent used any nutes yet- and i am seeing a little yellowing on one tip of one plant and a few plants have red tint on stems first thing that came to mind was nute dif. but i am wondering if the constant rain has anything to do with it- i am very critical of my plants and i check every inch of them everyday so its a new occurence just noticed yesterday.?????? what is going on also two plants new five sets are missing one bottom blade closest to branch but only on one leaf the others appear normal?????????? last but not least one plant is on 5th node and keeps pumping three blade leafes out??????? i wanted to wait to feed but is that my problem:confused::mad::confused:

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