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  1. Hello, I've been thinking about growing the past couple weeks after watching episodes of Weeds lol. Well I live in Arizona would any plant be able to withstand the sun and other things?
    if so i would love some recommendations on what plants to buy.
    thanks so much:smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    Yes, but they may need a lot of water.
  3. AZ has a wide variety of climate. Oak Creek area area is gorgeous with moderate temps, other places are hot and dry.

    If you can keep the plants watered and protected from the most intense sun, you should be able to raise a mess of MJ.
  4. Move seedlings gradually into more sun. Because starting now means they'll have to fight the Summer sun as babies when they normally are started earlier in the Spring. Use 3-4 hours morning sun for a bit then move up if possible. Once they're bigger and watered, no big problem unless a major heat wave. Don't place them in 12 hours sun if it gets super oht where you are.
    If you start them inside, make sure it's cool in there and you gradually transfer them outdoors (don't go from 24 to 16 outside as this will make them flower and move them gradually in sun light (much stronger than indoors).
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    hey man, first off your going to be watering a lot, i would look up arizona grows and get a good feel for what the growers in your area are doing. you may also want to look into bringing out a plastic oil drum and rigging it to use with a hose(or u can use drip or a pump) because lugging water as rewarding as it may be in the end is completely freaking aweful lol

    as far as supplies goes it completely depends on your local situation
    like i prolly wouldnt use pots to allow the plant to find some of its own water for example

    i would write my suggested supply list but its already been written a billion times on gc start with the beginners area and you'll soon find that everyones grows are like a finger print no two are alike, so if u would like to grow it pays to take the time to aquire the knowledge and your own opinions about certain products and procedures and make up your own grow using all the grows youve ever seen, im just saying no ones going to like wisper some spell in your ear to transform u into a grower and no ones going to write you a book when your asking questions in an encyclopedia. its all here go track it down...but id prolly start my seeds soon if i were you and be sure that you ween your girls into full sun

    GC is just jam packed with info so go into the outdoor growing forums and journals and take in all you can also check out youtube for arizona grows or even growing how tos(which there are plenty of) good luck with your grow man its the most rewarding thing in the world i promise

    (edit) gsus i always misread things lol i thought u said what things to buy im sorry man i always make myself seem way more burnt out then i am
  6. Pots will work fine. I use plugs to not have water evaporate too much. Bigger pots (10 gallons) are better as won't cook the roots so easily as smaller ones. Cover the pots with brush or natural bushes or dig them in some to avoid this.

    Also look into horticultural water crystals.

    Hauling water is ok if the water source is not too far. More discrete and simple than auto watering machine esp. if you're on a low budget and not good at DIY. Find the source and then look for the spot in that area.

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